Gamification & Employee Engagement For Call Centers

happy agents for happy customers

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Engage & Motivate Workforce 

Our gamification platform motivates call center agents and sales to achieve their objective by immersing them in a fun game-like environment.

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Improve Performance

Gain a complete view of performance, KPIs, and employee engagement. Increase team productivity with dynamic goals.


Gain insights & anticipate risks

Leverage artificial intelligence and analytics to drive performance and anticipate risks. Gain agent level insights, build dynamic employee goals and foresee workforce attrition risks. 


activate gamification & employee engagement on Genesys purecloud

The Perfect Addition To Genesys PureCloud

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Choose nGUVU for Gamification & Employee Engagement

call center kpi's gamification

track performance & gamify kpis

Transform results into performance points. Track individual and team performance with the KPIs that matter the most for your company. Gain a better understanding of employee performance while tracking all that's important in one place. 

call center contests games automate

Automate contests & challenges 

Easily launch contests using one or several KPIs. Game-like UI that keeps your team engaged.

contact center games challenges

activate friendly


Add competition to your day-to-day work - agents can organize micro challenges and competitions. Objective achievement becomes fun with gamification. 

sales gamification games call center

enable peer recognition

Agents earn badges, guvu points, track their progress and demonstrate their accomplishments. Enable complete gamification of objective and goal achievement. 

call center test survey automate

automate quizzes & knowledge test

Send quizzes to validate call center agents knowledge and understanding. Automate all of your contact center quizzes and tests withing the same user interface. Gamify all of your knowledge test.

call center manager analytics performance

give power to the team managers

Manager level access and visualization that delivers complete real-time visualization of your team performance. Bhavioral data, performance optimization, attrition risks, absenteeism risks and more.


contact center performance measurement

automate quality & nps monitoring

Managers gain next level of automation for quality and NPS monitoring. Visualize and automate quality tracking on both team and individual agent levels.

call center employee motivate

engage with your team

Assign individual goals & inspire better performance. Your agents have different potential - send them a Spark.


among Our Customers

Our clients leverage  game mechanics, machine learning and behavioral analytics to drive performance in Contact Centers 

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nguvu + Genesys integration overview

nGUVU is the perfect addition to Genesys PureCloud Omni-Channel solution. Discover how nGUVU adds gamification and employee engagement capabilities to the PureCloud platform - Learn More

Customer journey is powered by people and technology - with contact center agents at the center of the experience | Learn More

Solve Your contact center Challenges With Gamification & employee engagement

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 Improve workforce engagement and increase contact center agent retention | 60% Improvement Across Customers

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 Optimize and grow agent performance by gamifying their day to day work | 20% Increase Across Customers

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Reduce the grunt work of performance and KPI monitoring - automate objective tracking on per employee level.

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Grow revenue by dynamically assigning objectives on a per-employee level and enabling micro-challenges | 25% Improvement Across Customers

call center employee performance training icon

 Activate real-time gauge of workforce education and training gaps. Automate and simplify the process of workforce knowledge tests. 

call center games improve team performance

6. Improve team morale and make your agents happy by adding game elements into their day to day tasks. Agents morale has a direct effect on customer satisfaction.

Learn more about nguvu+Genesys integration

our most recent gamification infographics

nGUVU + Genesys Pure Cloud

nGUVU teamed up with Genesys to revolutionize contact centers by creating a better everyday work experience for agents.

Genesys PureCloud users - learn how nGUVU is the perfect addition to the platform. Add gamification & employee engagement solution to your PureCloud.

Download Infographic

Gamification of Omni-Channel Support

nGUVU + Genesys -- Why Gamification of Omni-Channel Customer Support Matters? 

Contact center agents are at the center of the omni-channel customer journey - keep them engaged with a combination of employee engagement and gamification technology. 

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Engaging Customers In The Future

Learn how augmented reality, internet of things, co-browsing, consumer messaging and other channels impact the future of customer engagement. 

Learn how evolution of above mentioned channels is going to add complexity in the world of contact center agents.

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gamification & employee engagement platform

nGAGEMENT influences the agent's behaviour by leveraging their natural desires for competition, collaboration, achievement, status and recognition.  This immersive experience motivates agents to achieve objectives and to accomplish tasks that are at the core of their responsibilities. 



  • “We are extremely satisfied with nGUVU, and the positive first impression nGAGEMENT made with our team... the interface is extremely intuitive. The nGAGEMENT app provides weighted KPIs allows us to identify top agents based on their merits, rather than a single, isolated metric. We want to recognize employees that stand out based on their overall performance, while following best practices to accomplish their tasks”.
    — Pierre-Marc L. - Operations Director with one of Canada’s leading telecommunications providers
  • “Excellent partner! The people at nGUVU really work as a partner to establish an environment that will drive productivity but also add fun into the Agents' days. Previously, we were manually tracking schedule adherence. With the nGAGEMENT platform, we can easily track schedule adherence and allow for real time access for the Agents."
    — Megan M. - Call Center Director
  • “The platform was fulfilling the exact needs that I needed to fulfill. Thanks to the nGagement solution, each agent has access to their key performance indicators and statistics everyday."
    — Steve Lapierre - Director of Patient Health Centre