Our Mission

nGUVU offers an employee engagement platform for contact centers.

Using game mechanics, recognition and social media concepts, nGAGEMENT influences agents’ behaviors by leveraging people’s natural desire for competition, collaboration, achievement, status and recognition in order to build intrinsic motivation and improve employee engagement.

nGAGEMENT is an immersive experience that empowers agents to self-manage and makes it fun for them to accomplish tasks that are at the core of their responsibilities.

Our Vision

To revolutionize contact centres, one agent at a time.

Executive Team

Our team brings over 30 years of experience in contact centre operations and technology. Our extensive knowledge of the industry drives our commitment to revolutionize contact centres by putting the agent at the centre of success.

We believe that a job worth doing is worth enjoying while you’re doing it. We also believe that the most successful contact centres are the ones that recognize the value of agent engagement, and understand its impact on productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Pierre D. 2.jpg




With nearly 4 decades of experience in the technology industry, Pierre’s mantra is to make a difference and play to win. As Chairman and CEO of nGUVU, his goal is to transform the contact centre industry by taking care of one of its key players - the agent. He believes that we should enjoy the work that we do, and that in an industry with more KPIs than almost any other, you might as well use that data to make the job of an agent exciting, fun and rewarding.

Pierre is an adventurer who likes to live on the edge. He loves to be surrounded by young people (a good quality in a granddad), travel the world, and see life from a variety of perspectives. He has done almost everything he has set out to do, except learn to play piano.

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Jacou comes from a long line of doctors, but chose a different path when he entered the world of tech. His greatest startup experience (so far) was with Tungle Corporation where, as VP Product, he lived the entire startup cycle, from concept to exit. Today, he oversees the health and wellbeing of nGUVU as CTO. You might say he’s a doctor of technology.

In his spare time, Jacou coaches the NHLers of tomorrow (they’re only 8 now, but on their way to stardom), and waters his backyard rink. He’s a big believer in coaching kids to success and has also developed Quizzio, an iPad game that uses machine learning to teach kids about the world. As a parent himself, he knows kids will get their hands on the family iPad anyway, so they might as well spend that time intelligently.



PASCAL LECLERC - VP Product Strategy

As long as Pascal can be creative, he’s happy. Originally dreaming of becoming an architect, he started off studying graphic design and eventually entered a career as Director of Workforce Management for Atelka and Bell Mobility contact centres. That mix of experience, skill and creativity makes him the ideal VP Product Strategy for nGUVU.

When he isn’t lending his genius to nGUVU, he enjoys nature photography, golf, soccer, playing with his kids and DIY renovations. He’s currently DIY-ing his second home and if anyone from HGTV is reading this, yes, he does look good on camera.