Call Center Gamification & KPI’s That You Should Be Tracking

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are essential in measuring fundamental objectives and targets in the call center industry. Typically, managers know the importance of analyzing these contact center KPI’s but oftentimes put emphasis on the wrong ones or overload their agents with too many.

In an ideal world, managers would take the time to evaluate the nature of their call center before deciding on the appropriate metrics and objectives to implement. Each industry, company, and the department has different needs which means that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to adhere to. Each situation should be treated as a unique case and each metric should be defined with objectives that make sense to the agent.

Additionally, the performance metrics chosen should be in accordance with your business requirements. For instance, if your call center serves clients who are in need of a fast and urgent service then, the KPI’s that you choose should reflect and comply with this obligation.    

Another important concept to keep in mind is that KPI’s are not standalone - they are best used ‘blended’. All the KPI’s implemented are interconnected and have a cause and effect relationship. Each and every KPI used should serve to push the agents towards one common goal as opposed to creating hectic confusion.

According to a study conducted by Holman, Chissick, and Totterdell, monitoring agent performance can play a positive role in improving their job satisfaction but only when it is, “seen to be part of a broader system aimed at improving employees’ skills and abilities” (Holman, Chissick, and Totterdell, 2002). In fact, their research has shown that a high intensity of monitoring can have adverse effects on agent behavior and motivation and can actually lead to increased anxiety and depression. Therefore, it is recommended that managers choose performance indicators wisely. KPI’s need to be few in number, clear and purposeful in order to make sure that agents understand and are able to achieve their objectives.

nGUVU suggests that managers focus on 5 main KPI’s for their inbound contact center. The following are the most common and popular KPI’s that we’ve seen and suggest you take into consideration when evaluating the KPI needs for your respective call centers:

  1. Adherence: Are your agents working the time that they’re scheduled to work? If your agents are not respecting their agendas then you can be sure that your customers are not getting served in time either.

  2. Average Handle Time: AHT is a significant tool to learn from. It’s important to keep track of your agent’s performance for this metric in order to assess who needs more training and coaching.

  3. Quality: The quality of service should be determined based on the needs of your business. Managers should set a quality target that is achievable by the agents and that responds to the customer’s expectation on the other end of the line, making sure that each customer receives perfect service every time they call.

  4. First Call Resolution: When customers receive the correct response on their first call, it reflects positively on your call center. A good FCR score indicates that your agents are knowledgeable and motivated to help callers resolve their issues. The higher the FCR rate is, the more productive your call center will be as agents have more time to respond to future concerns.  

  5. Average Speed of Answer: Customers waiting in long queues is detrimental to your contact center’s success. Managers need to be able to measure how long it takes for an agent to respond to a client in order to determine if changes need to be made to the entire process.

Although these 5 KPI’s are important, they might not be exactly what your contact center requires. Managers should always evaluate the state of their call center before deciding on the metrics that they want to track. In brief, managers need to analyze the needs of their contact center and choose few indicators that will make the greatest impact on the well-being of their employees and the satisfaction of their customers.

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Leila Mourtada