Activate Call Center Performance Management with Gamification Technology

 Gamification technology and platforms today have gone beyond just employee engagement and making workday fun for a contact center agent. Platforms in the niche have expanded their capabilities - some have added a trove of integrations with complementary solutions, others added a "smart layer" (AI or machine learning), many have expanded into visualizations for big screen displays, e-learning capabilities, dynamic goals and individualization of the workforce engagement... etc. Gamification platforms started a few years ago with "hey let's make agents day to day work fun and engaging" and now went into next generation of platforms that encompass a trove of functionality. 
The borders between a gamification tools and a call center performance management are getting blurred. KPIs and other individual performance, sales related performance, cross-performance metrics leaderboards, quiz and knowledge gap testing capabilities, integration with other customer engagement platforms and complementary tools, artificial intelligence or machine learning - most are a standard set of features for the leading gamification platforms. 
A call center always tracks KPIs and individual agent performance - be it a spreadsheet or a dedicated solution. AHT - average handling time, average hold time, adherence, abandonment rate, service level, first call resolution, customer satisfaction... etc. Do you have 5 - 10 critical KPIs that needs to be tracked at all times? This can be easily automated through a platform like nGUVU, and the beauty of it is that the flow of data is automated and real-time. 

call center kpi dashboard

Management gets individual and aggregate performance views and trends and makes the findings actionable by engaging with their team members through the same platform on an individual basis. Agent in a mean time have access to KPIs and individual performance too, but they can view it not only as a dashboard but as something fun. For example, a list of badges, medals, and achievements that they have accomplished.

contact center kpi badges

Gamification expands beyond contact center agents and goes into sales teams territory by including sales performance. Sales performance ranking, total revenue generated, quantity sold, etc. 

contact center sales tracking

Very often one sees gamification leaderboard that's focused on just a couple of metrics and though I do agree that sometimes that's all you need to track - it's good to see the big picture across all of the KPIs that are relevant for your company. Thant's why being able to re-shuffle the performance board based on any KPI is a standard capability. The choice of whether to share this data with a call center agent is a decision to be made, but at a manager level, this should be a required capability. You might be surprised that an average nGUVU customer has 10 - 20 KPI options enabled and aligned to the leaderboard visualization capability (be it a custom or off-shelf KPI set).

contact center KPIs leaderboard

Workforce knowledge and education gap analysis, e-learning and tests - are all relevant features of a contact center. The question is, do you use an extra e-learning solution or a survey platform to manage this? Or is this something that's included natively in your call center performance management or gamification platform? 90% of nGUVU customers leverage builtin module for workforce testing and knowledge gaps identification.

Last but not least - application of machine learning and artificial intelligence for a call center performance purposes? This can be a series of articles by itself - nGUVU has recently published a story specifically dedicated to the application of artificial intelligence for contact centers

The borders between a gamification tools and a call center performance management are getting blurred as more and more capabilities are being made available by gamification platforms. 

If you want to learn about the nGUVU platform and how we combine gamification technology, employee engagement, artificial intelligence and contact center performance management in one platform - we invite you to reach out to us!