Top KPIs For Contact Center Performance Measurement

Looking at the number of KPI's used by nGUVU gamification platform customers (contact centers) numbers fluctuate between 4 - 5, to 7 or 8. With indicators used as both stand-alone and blended (where a few KPIs are merged to deliver a weighted index type measurement). Learn more about blended KPIs

With so much choice available it's hard to pick the selected few - a recommendation from nGUVU team is within 5 to 7 standard KPIs and a few blended once. 

What are the KPI's that are available to contact centers managers? And what do they mean - this would be the focus of the article. 

Adherence: "Doing the right things at the right time" Making sure that your call center agents are respecting their work schedule. If your agents are not following their agendas, then you can be sure that your clients are not getting served on time either.

Average Handle Time - what's the average amount of time a single call lasts in your call center? Keep track of your agent’s efficiency and allow for proper planning. AHT metric shows who needs more training and coaching by gauging how they can resolve the calls while providing quality service. AHT is another gamification powered KPI that's easy to track and leads to rewards for the agents who perform well. Consider an example within the next KPI to see how significant efficiency is in a contact center environment.

First Call Resolution - when customers receive the correct response on their first call, it reflects positively on your call center. A good FCR score indicates that your agents are knowledgeable and are well motivated to help callers resolve their issues. The higher the FCR rate is, the more productive your call center will be. As stated by SQM Group, just a 1% improvement in first call response can equate to $276,000 in annual operational savings for the average call center.

Call Answered Within The Acceptable Threshold - this one goes side by side with First Call Resolution KPI and presents significant savings in case of even minimal improvement. Customers don't want long wait times and once connected they want the right solutions. Callers lose their patience fast, and hang-up volume count can be an easy proof to that. Gamification platform or not, Call Answered within the acceptable threshold, and First Call Resolution should be rewarded generously by management and a gamification platform on site makes it a bit simpler.

Sales Results (individual and blended team performance): this KPI tracks how productive agents are when it comes to selling. How many deals? Across how many total calls? Tracking agent level performance here is excellent, but it's even better to be able to merge team level performance (geo, product, service based groups). Call center management needs to track this one to be aware of sales performance.

Revenue Per Call: a quick gauge of how much $ your team and individual agents are bringing in on an average successful call. 

Quality: The quality of service should be determined based on the needs of your business. Managers should set a quality target that is achievable by the agents, and that responds to the customer’s expectation on the other end of the line, making sure that each customer receives perfect service every time they call. Why is this KPI relevant - consider the following; According to Harris Interactive - customer service agents fail to answer their questions 50% of the time.

Customer Satisfaction - there are only a few customers who complete the surveys after the call, but the sample data that's available should be gathered and measured. Your agents have a direct impact on how company clients feel about the brand, and its products and services. What's the Customer Satisfaction on a per agent level? Do I have an alert or flag associated with this metric for each agent - so that if this KPI falls, management can see where and who? Customer Satisfaction is easily blended into Quality KPI and is often gamified.

After Call Work Time - once your agent is done taking the call how long does it take to put the notes in the system? How much time should be allowed for the after call activities? This KPI is excellent when combined with a distribution of work time data across the team and is an excellent indicator of agent efficiency.

At nGUVU, we help contact center gamify call center agents day to day work. Our platform submerges agents in a fun, game-like environment that encourages agents to achieve their goals and maintain their KPI performance. Let us show you how these and many other KPIs can be gamified within one platform.