Workforce Optimization & Employee Engagement | Roadmap for Success - Part 2

"A contact center workforce optimization solution integrates disparate contact center technologies—including contact center performance management, e-learning, interaction analytics, quality management and workforce management—which execute against a high-level framework encompassing strategic contact center planning; agent recruitment, deployment, monitoring, evaluation, improvement and motivation; and corporate accountability and contribution."

~ Gartner

That is probably the most succinct definition of "workforce optimization" I have come across - and it fits our contact center roadmap perfectly.

When nGAGEMENT was developed, the idea was to revolutionize contact centers - starting with the individual agent on the front line of the customer experience.

Let's start from the top, describing how nGAGEMENT covers all of these components of workforce optimization, bringing them all together in a single, flowing user interface.

Contact center performance management

When agents start their shift, how does a contact center manager set their objectives? Other than the typical tasks of addressing inbound requests, or calling a list of customers, how are agents motivated to meet and exceed their customer's expectations?

Intrinsic motivators such as points attributed to performance ranking, rewards, incentives, prizes and peer recognition are the foundation to a system that brings employee engagement to the workplace. If you encompass these elements within am immersive interface, you already have a winning formula. 

With nGAGEMENT gamification platform, agents log in at the beginning of their shift, get up to speed on their standing, current objectives, and longer-term goals, and within 10 minutes, are off to make the most of their mission! If the foundation for work life is structured like a social media experience, you make it meaningful to get the job done, and you add a competitive edge to the entire process.

Contact center agent motivation contest engagement


What did you retain from your last whiteboard session? How about a training class led by someone reading PowerPoint slides to the room?

Taking a cue from the world's most successful learning models, especially those using a -VARK structure with next-generation gamification concepts - think of Duolingo, the world's most popular language course - nGAGEMENT provides a complete learning and development experience that never requires your agents to take time away from the office.

Contact center agent learning participating challenging

Interaction analytics

nGAGEMENT gamification solution is powered by machine learning. The logic behind our platform is continuously evaluating every single agent interaction in order to optimize the agent experience. 

We apply everything we learn from your contact center logs, reports, metrics, KPIs, agent schedules - essentially, Big Data from your contact center infrastructure - and as with other AI systems that process Big Data, our algorithms are designed to learn and adapt, producing agent-specific leveling, game mechanics, challenges, and quizzes. The objective is to capitalize on the individual agent's strengths, and maximize their performance by engaging and motivating them.

Quality management

Coaching, mentoring, and training agents to increase customer satisfaction, NPS scores, and other indicators that show you are providing the best possible customer experience is a time-consuming management task.

This process can be automated and made more interactive and transparent. Its been proven that to engage employees, they need to understand their objectives, and how they contribute to the overall corporate mission. (transparency and connection to corporate objectives are rated #1 and #2 respectively in this HCI study).

nGAGEMENT has a module dedicated to quality management, both to develop and monitor excellence at the agent level.

Quality management - NPS - CSAT - Self-manage

Workforce management

If you had analytics-powered indicators to help you build the most efficient and effective contact center schedule, wouldn't you feel more confident about covering for every possible contingency? 

We have you covered for that as well: the scheduling module provides a insight into an agent's propensity for absenteeism, optimal performance patterns (for instance, is a specific agent a morning person or do they enjoy burning the midnight oil?)

Effective scheduling will make or break your team, so making sure you get it right is not an area to leave up to luck!


Workforce management for contact center agents