Call Center Employee Engagement | Roadmap for Success - Part 1

Contact center managers are focused on excelling at so many metrics and KPIs, it's difficult for them to step back and look at the larger initiatives that will bring quantifiable benefits to their operational budgets and workforce optimization efforts.

Fortunately, we have you covered; we keep a vigilant eye on technology trends, contact center vendors, and industry analysts, not to mention our own roadmap - which is based on the needs and requirements of contact centers across North America and the U.K.

Finally, we are constantly in sync with the technological developments our partners bring to market: Genesys and Interactive Intelligence, now a single entity under the Genesys | ININ banner. And while we integrate with any vendor's contact center solution, from Avaya to Vocalcom and everyone in between.

For 2017, nGUVU is focused on 3 main areas in our solutions roadmap with nGAGEMENT gamification platform, our machine-learning and gamification-based cloud offering: Employee engagement, Workforce optimization, and Predictive analytics.

In this first in a series of articles, we will start with covering our roadmap and vision for employee engagement.

1- Employee Engagement

You may have read myriad articles penned by us, as well as most of the contact center influencers with respected organizations such as ICMI and the Temkin Group.

Brad Cleveland, a prolific consultant and one of the founding partners at ICMI, calls this "Serving those who serve" in his most recent article on the topic, where he alludes to the fact that this 2nd of 3 top trends shaping contact centers in 2017 is actually vital because the 1st trend, mainstreaming chatbots, will mean that personalization (#3) and the human touch will become that much more essential to maximizing the customer experience (CX).

Look at it this way: once you get past customer requests that can be handled by automation, you need an extremely empathetic person on the other end to add a high touch to more complex issues.

We developed a concept for employee engagement, and it covers the entire spectrum of features and functions required to keep a contact center agent performing at their very best: engagement-performance-recognition (EPR). 

Our vision for continuous employee engagement

Our vision for continuous employee engagement

Post-deployment results at one of our customer sites

Post-deployment results at one of our customer sites

One of the unique approaches we took when developing nGAGEMENT was to ensure that the application did not take away from the important work being accomplished by agents; as a matter of fact, we recommend spending only 10 minutes per shift in our app. There are no role-play narratives or games to distract from the mission at hand, even though we leverage game mechanics. As a matter of fact, every single deployment has proven to save time on key metrics such as AHT, and increase adherence across the board.

The features themselves all contribute to a continuous engagement model, providing modules to increase agent knowledge, personal challenges that trigger everyone's intrinsic desire to self-improve, and a peer recognition workflow. 

In addition, since there are a number of excellent loyalty gift vendors out there, we offer integration so that hard work and progress can be rewarded as each organization sees fit.

What is key to our vision is the ultimate objective: ensuring that each agent is supported, informed, knowledgeable, and motivated as they contribute to the overall success of their contact center operations.

The amount of research on employee engagement has increased dramatically over the last 2-3 years, and major studies, such as the one illustrated below, or those from Gallup, known to have the highest response rates, prove that there is a solid link between an engaged workforce and improved customer service and loyalty.

Employee engagement study - Temkin group

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