Employee Engagement Application - Now Delivered by Facebook?

The company that owns the world's most popular social media network, Facebook inc. (Forbes ranked #188 by revenue globally) has announced that it will now deploy its own internal collaboration tool for employees to anyone that wants to use it!

Source: www.statista.com - Most popular social networks - September 2016 - by Millions of Active Users Worldwide

Source: www.statista.com - Most popular social networks - September 2016 - by Millions of Active Users Worldwide

It's called Facebook Workplace, and it has the potential to revolutionize the social aspect of employee engagement; here are the top 5 reasons, in my opinion:

1- Provides a seamless transition from social to work interactions via the world's most ubiquitous user interface.

2- Provides a single app to bring together all the most common collaboration tools for work: live video conference, video chat, news feed updates from colleagues and partners, messaging, email, and content sharing.

3- Allows for collaboration across multiple sites, and multiple organizations: you can collaborate beyond corporate domains.

4- It's been thoroughly tested by over 1,000 organizations across the world, across diverse business models. A sample of those beta-testers includes Starbucks, non-profit charity organization Oxfam, and online accommodations reservation site Booking.com.

5- And finally, this is great news for nGUVU as well!

Since our nGAGEMENT app for contact centers integrates with virtually any standards-based messaging interface, we are going to be following Facebook Workplace very closely.

If our customers deploy this new corporate social media tool, we will be ready with performance-boosting features for their contact center agents and managers!

Facebook workplace for employee engagement

Although the market for collaboration and office productivity tools is crowded, Workplace promises a different experience than say, Slack

In addition to offering a familiar user experience, Workplace is already more than just a collaboration tool: since all of the standard Facebook features are included, the ability to leverage game mechanics, social event management, and deep learning-based analytics tools is already built into the platform. Getting employees onboard should be straightforward.

What remains to be seen is whether organizations will be able to adjust to leveraging Facebook as a productivity and employee engagement tool, rather than a distraction from work.

After all, when applying for a new Facebook workplace account, the following question pops up: "Is access to Facebook permitted where you work?"

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