Employee Engagement Ideas & Strategies for Call Centers

The old adage goes something like this: "don't worry about having fun or being happy at work - that's only important on your personal time"

And yet, there is an alarmingly high number of people who aren’t engaged (Gallup reports only 30% of the U.S. workforce is engaged). Many employees simply don't care about their work environment, or engaging with their colleagues outside of standard business interactions.

Wednesday is “hump day” - and they can't wait until Friday comes around...because everybody's working for the weekend.

Why is everyone working for this person?

Why is everyone working for this person?

The scariest part of the Gallup survey? Almost 20% of employees is actively disengaged. These folks are intentionally slowing down other people's projects, spreading negativity just to gauge the effects of their behavior, and possess an overall level of detachment that would scare a lot of passengers if they were part of an airliner flight crew.

That same Gallup report also points out that socioeconomic factors, whether on an upswing or at a low, have a negligible effect on workforce engagement.


Engaging Employees

Putting the enjoyment back into work, and engaging your team might seem like a daunting task, mostly because of the lack of current momentum. Much like a stand-up comedian's performance appears daunting until that first joke gets a reaction from the crowd: you feel like you don't have anything to work with, no energy back from your team, no reaction to your proclamations that profits are up, or that HR has introduced a new, improved benefits package.

You have to start something, anything, to get things rolling

You have to start something, anything, to get things rolling

Here are 5 examples of low-cost/free activities to engage your contact center employees

  1. Hold a "Company Day" where there are 3 activities offered, and allow employees to choose which one they would like to participate in. e.g.: Golf, Paintball, and Fitness Class.
  2. With Halloween around the corner, decorate the office and award prizes for the most creative - or scary - creations.

  3. Have a Tailgate party, set up a TV with a popular game on, and bring (responsibly) refreshments and snacks.

  4. Hold a weekly activity led by someone with a specific passion outside of work. An employee might enjoy introducing the office to the art of Yoga, and a benefit might be that some of the participants may discover that they have been waiting for Yoga to come along their entire lives...

  5. Setup a whiteboard with a contest, SPIFF, or other incentive that results in a cash bonus. Strapped for cash? reward your team members with recognition, time-off, or a congratulatory speech. Money is not the only reward people appreciate, and this has been proven in numerous studies and surveys.

Do you have any ideas for popular rewards? Let us know in the comments below! We will choose a winner at random from the submissions, and, you guessed it, send them a prize!

(Approximate value: $25 USD)

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