The Importance of Call Center Employee Engagement

Managing vs. Optimizing Your Workforce

Agent engagement is often put on the sidelines in contact centers. Managers are usually focused on simply organizing their workforce as opposed to optimizing it, believing that simply a structured team will do the trick. But, this type of mindset has huge setbacks and numerous studies have shown that contact centers tend to lose thousands of dollars on a daily basis because of it.

When the main goal is to manage your workforce, you begin to ignore the human aspect of the agent relationship. Delegating tasks and organizing the workflow is important yet, it's just a small part of the battle. The bigger issue at hand is being able to continuously improve employee motivation and engagement so that you can achieve optimal performance.   

Just How Much is Your Company Losing? 

Agents who are disengaged are almost constantly looking to leave. According to Gallup, 73% of disengaged employees are actively searching for other job opportunities. This means that the turnover rate is reaching new heights with research indicating that employee turnover has attained its peak in the past 10 years (Crowe Horwath).

A high turnover rate is detrimental to your contact center. The Bureau of National Affairs estimates that businesses lose 11 billion dollars annually due to employee turnover and 605 billion dollars annually to employee disengagement (Gallup). Not to mention the countless business opportunities that your company is missing out on.

It's pretty clear that the opportunity cost of focusing solely on workforce management is quite high. While your company is busy assigning and authorizing tasks to disengaged agents, other companies with engaged agents are outperforming you by 202% (Gallup). 

What Should You Do Now?

"To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace."
Doug Conant - CEO of the Campbell Soup Company

Doug Conant's quote is the perfect answer to this question. Executives and managers need to start paying attention to their biggest and most valuable asset in the contact center industry, and that is the agent

To be able to give amazing customer experience, you have to first give your agents that same treatment too. Start including them in the equation today by implementing a gamification solution that will motivate and engage them on a daily basis.

A proven method to optimize employee engagement is to use intrinsic motivators to leverage their natural desires for competition, collaboration, achievement, status, and recognition. By incorporating these concepts into your agents' work environment, you will begin to see a drastic improvement in your contact center. The dark cloud will be lifted from over the heads of your agents and the team will finally be able to breathe in the fresh air of engagement.

Leila Mourtada

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