Contact Center Gamification & Employee Engagement ROI

When implementing a new agent engagement solution, return on investment goes far beyond all the quantitative performance improvements your contact center will experience. Yes, KPI improvements are expected and nGUVU has demonstrated that a good concept based on behavior and data delivers results. Running contests and incentives may work, but influencing the behavior for a long lasting engagement brings much more benefits in the long run.

Kevin Kruse a contributor at Forbes poses a good question. What is employee engagement anyway? Let's start with what it's not... According to Kruse, employee engagement “is not employee satisfaction or employee happiness”. Rather, employee engagement is the emotional commitment that the employee has to the organization and its goals. Agent engagement cannot be the flavor of the month, it has to become part of their day-to-day life and part of the company’s culture as well.

Investing in agent engagement will definitely improve all the soft skills required in the contact center industry. Moreover, all the global contact center performance indicators such as service level, speed to answer and customer satisfaction will be influenced by a more motivated and engaged workforce. Studies have shown that more energy, time and money invested into agent engagement will correspond to a positive return on investment at contact centers.   

When a proper employee engagement program is put into place, you can expect to see;

  1. An Increase in Employee Retention: Engaged agents are more likely to want to stay and grow within the organization.

  2. A Decrease in Costs: A higher agent retention rate means less spending on training costs.

  3. An Increase in Productivity: According to Dale Carnegie, companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%.

  4. An Increase in Profitability: A productive and engaged team is motivated to work harder to achieve higher returns.  

Therefore, building that intrinsic motivation in each agent has to be part of the ROI argument. It is clear that taking steps towards creating an optimized work environment that fuels agent engagement is vital for your contact center’s welfare. And, with the proper solution, an engaged and motivated team of agents is certainly attainable.

If you are looking for a gamification tool that will help your contact center achieve the returns that it is capable of, take a look at nGAGEMENT. We’ll introduce you to the agent journey that will put life back into your contact center!  

Leila Mourtada
 & Pascal Leclerc