Employee Engagement Software Vs. Annual Performance Reviews

By Matthew Ritchie

When the U.S. government created The Performance Rating Act of 1950, they did so with the best intentions: to give workers constructive feedback about their work, and encourage them to perform better (with the promise of financial compensation and job opportunities in return), in the hopes of strengthening teams and creating a successful workforce.

Soon, other industries adopted the process, and like that the annual performance review was born.

Not much has changed since then. Sure, the questions may be different from company to company, but the goals are pretty much the same: to weed out poor performers, and honor (and help) those who are striving and succeeding.

Because of that, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most employees dread annual performance reviews and consider them to be unfair (it’s impossible to boil a whole year’s work down into a 15-30 minute conversation), and often leave them feeling less engaged in the workplace than they were at the beginning.

Thankfully, employee engagement software like nGAGEMENT is making it so contact center managers don’t have to wait months to learn how engaged (and effective) their employees are, nor leave them in the dark about the ways they can improve their performance. By providing managers and agents alike with a steady trickle of information about their progress through our easy-to-use platform, nGAGEMENT makes it easy to identify problem areas early on and improve upon them, so your contact center is successful year round.

Here are three ways how:

1. Clarified Expectations

Without regular feedback and prioritized goals, it can be hard for call center and contact center agents to understand what they’re striving for, and how their day-to-day performance impacts a company and team’s overall objectives.

Thankfully, nGAGEMENT lets managers define the KPIs that matter most to their center and use gamification to help them achieve those goals faster by inspiring agents to improve their performance. Results are shared via team leaderboards, allowing managers and agents to monitor their progress and get a visual overview of their engagement, strengths, and weaknesses.

2. Increased Motivation

Keeping agents focused on the task at hand is a struggle when they’re not being incentivized to do so (aside from a bi-weekly paycheque), and the promise of a possible raise or promotion following an annual performance review often doesn’t cut it.

nGAGEMENT awards points, badges, and prizes to top performers to let agents know they’re doing a good job and moving in the right direction. Contests and quizzes that test their skills can be set up in a flash, and the awarding of prizes and points is automated, doing away with the need for daily one-on-one interactions with top agents and letting managers focus on the ones who need a bit more encouragement.

3. Regular Feedback

Whether it’s a brand new employee or a seasoned pro, agents crave constant and consistent feedback about their performance, so they know what’s working, what isn’t, and what areas need some improvement. But it’s not always easy to share that information when managers are dealing with multiple agents and other job responsibilities.

nGAGEMENT helps automate the process by delivering feedback to agents and managers based on actionable insights and real-time data that helps them adjust performance metrics, predict outcomes related to agent progress, and encourage better results.

According to a study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, 95% of employees are dissatisfied with their company's appraisal process.

Why? Because annual performance reviews are time-consuming, create a negative experience when not executed properly, and don’t give agents the information they need to improve themselves when they need it.

To learn how employee engagement software can boost agent performance by providing consistent and constructive qualitative feedback, click here to schedule a demo with nGUVU.