Employee Engagement vs Employee Motivation

Do you engage with your employees or motivate them? According to Google, there is a big difference, and it seems like as of 2008 employee motivation interests people more than employee motivation. As of 2017 phrase "employee engagement" reached its peak as a search keyword term on Google ( relative search index reaching 100 point mark). As for "employee motivation" it is at its lowest - dropping below 25 relative search index mark on Google Trends.

Want t to generate your own "employee engagement" vs "employee motivation" chart on Google Trends - just use this link. You can easily zoom into performance and interest in "employee engagement" topic across any country in the world or explore related and expanded search queries that contain "employee engagement" keyword combinations.

I was curious to zoom in on USA based performance:

Same picture that follows the global interest in engaging with the employees and moving away from motivation approaches. - explore the US-based chart and stats here.