To Gamify or Not - Call Center Gamification & Performance Measurement

Scorecards, Performance Management, Leaderboards, Surveys...All of these are important tools in a contact center manager's arsenal. 

Are you trying to please too many people at once?

Are you trying to please too many people at once?

And the objective of deploying these is relatively self-explanatory: getting a feel for the "mood on the floor", "taking the temperature". These are a few of the common euphemisms used to update the board on the level of employee engagement in a department, business unit, or across the organization. 

While the first step in optimizing performance should always start with measuring it, the main problem most call centers face is where to go from there.  Too many call centers are obsessed with productivity metrics - they measure, report, share, these across departments. How many times have you sat in a management meeting, week after week, and heard numbers being recited in a rote fashion. Perhaps you have fallen victim to this dynamic, and are not quite sure which concrete steps to take next.

Here is a quick list of "To-Dos" to get you started!

Still measuring, but we are getting to the improvement part...

Still measuring, but we are getting to the improvement part...

1. Measure, measure, measure! As stated above, this is only the first step, but is also the foundation to your improvement plan. Get the AHT down, find out how on-target your schedule compliance is, get familiar with your CSAT or Net Promoter Score metrics and trends over a reasonable amount of time. A financial Q, or the last month at least, broken down by week.

2. Document Call/Contact Categories: Find out if there are any topics or types of calls, emails, real-time chats, social conversations - basically, across all channels - that are not being efficiently handled due to lack of training, awareness, or routing process.

3. Monitor sample calls and coach! Every second saved on calls translates to happy customers (no one wants to spend more time than necessary on a call, regardless of category), happy agents (Faster resolution means a sense of accomplishment), increased CSAT/NPS, and in turn, less money spent on operations.

4. Show current metrics on TV: While I don't think HULU or AMC will be picking up your broadcast any time soon, There are several published research results to indicate that when the call statistics are displayed to the entire staff, and agents have access to their own results any time, performance spontaneously improves, and in a dramatic fashion. The rationale behind this is the human psychological desire to compete and win -

2016 employee engagement drivers

5. Reward, reward, reward! Agents that go above and beyond in customer satisfaction, are efficient at call routing, stand out when it comes to AHT while maintaining a good rapport with customers - all of these scenarios are deserviing of recognition and reward. And don't forget those team leaders and business process optimization specialists, as well as the senior staffers that have been coaching the front lines. Make sure you start with a mention, some peer recognition, and add in other incentives. As a matter of fact, the most effective incentives were recently published in a large-scale HR study sponsored by Aon Hewitt, so we thought we would share the clipped list.

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