Why Machine Learning Powered Gamification Apps Matter for Contact Centers?

We have some exciting news about our Machine Learning based capabilities here at nGUVU I would like to share.

For those of you that did not happen to catch our initial press release, we have been collaborating with IVADO, North-America’s leading data science research institute. It’s been well-established that AI and Machine Learning are key technology drivers for 2017, and organizations such as Gartner, ICMI, and Aberdeen all agree: AI and related technologies are the next wave in revolutionizing the contact center for 2017.

But what exactly are the benefits? They are actually quite straightforward and apply to existing processes that can be challenging when attempted manually in an ever-busy environment like a contact center.

Predicting and preventing attrition & absenteeism

Contact center attrition and absenteeism

We have introduced algorithms that can be used to predict future trends, at the agent level, for attrition and absenteeism, based on established behavioral patterns, employee actions and data compiled from a multitude of sources within your contact center infrastructure. In other words, we analyze and interpret the data that is generated daily, including the actions of each agent, to produce information that aids in management decisions.

Maximizing agent productivity

Workforce Engagement Management and optimization

Based on reports from nGAGEMENT gamification platform, a contact center manager finds out when specific members of his team are performing at their best.
Not only does this information assist with optimizing shift scheduling and off-shift task planning, it can also be used to create a more engaging work environment by suggesting learning activities and competitions encourage a strong work ethic, in return for recognition and rewards.

In conclusion

We would like to say thanks to our loyal customers, who by the simple act of using our engagement platform every day in their contact centers, are contributing to the advancement of predictive analytics and workforce optimization while reaping the benefits for their own operations.

Wishing you all a successful start to 2017, until next time,
Pierre D. - CEO, nGUVU


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