Gamification In Training & How It Applies To Call Centers

40% of employees that receive poor training leave their place of work in the first year! Call center or not - learning is a crucial part of employee onboarding process, and gamification can play a "life-saving" role.
Based on the findings of a survey conducted by TalentLMS, 79% of the participants (both corporate learners and university students) said that they would be more productive and motivated if their learning environment was more like a game. And, nearly everyone participating in any form of gamification or employee engagement program (be it learning or work gamification) also tells that a point or a scoring system would increase their interest and engagement with gamification application. 

There is no argument in gamification technology is essential in improving day to day work experience and improving employee engagement, but it also has a substantial role to play in improving learning and knowledge tests process. 

So what are contact centers doing when it comes to addressing this reality and improving both daily work experience and learning experience of contact center agents? Well, many of them have considered gamification platforms. In case of nGUVU, quizzes and tests, and training is gamified and blended into gamification and employee engagement system that's a part of our nGAGEMENT platform.

One of the points that we mention to our customers is to always check up on your agents. Newly hired or " call center veterans" - knowledge gap identification and quizzes should always be a part of the process. Test your agents, see who's at risk - an employee that's continuously failing his or her quizzes is probably at risk and has a high probability of becoming a part of employee attrition statistics. Fail to do so, and you're facing a 40% chance of losing your newly hired agent within months. Given that it takes anywhere between 5000$ to 15000$ to train a new employee - it can be a costly loss. 

Gamification when it comes to learning has a huge net positive effect. Besides having fun, well-built games can create multiple learning strategies for a call center agent. The ultimate goal here is to go as far a creating an implicit learning system, where you are a part of gamification and or learning gamification process, but as a user, you are experiencing learning without any conscious intent. Even gamifying test, quizzes and blending it with your call center gamification process in place is already a great start!

So what makes gamification and learning work so well together?

In 2014 and 2015, Christopher Pappas did some instrumental research on gamification, especially within the learning environment. He concluded that gamification makes studies more joyful and more effective - the reason is that there is an exact science behind why gamification and learning are so successful. It all has to do with a release of a hormone known as endorphins - stimulating body and mind with exercises helps us release the hormone. A similar effect is gained by playing games - gamification of work and learning is no exception; Moving toward a particular achievement or reward, even if it is an intrinsic one - gaining points, badges or progressing to a next level. The release of endorphins leads learners to fun and improves information retention. 

Pappas also points out 5 areas where gamification of learning has a strong impact:

1. Increases learner engagement

2. Makes learning interactive and fun

3. Betters absorption and retention of learned material

4. Enables learners with an opportunity to see real-world applications

5. Improves the overall learning experience for all age groups

Games are like artificial learning environments, which are filled with challenges, problems to solve and rewards, and that suit the human brain perfectly. Learning means a lot of trial and error and real-time feedback loop is crucial in the process. That is why nGAGEMENT allows adding quizzes and tests for contact center employees in a matter of minutes. Build a quiz, launch it and see the results encorporated into your manager portion of nGAGEMENT console.

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