Gamification of Learning and Quizzes In a Call Center

Gamification is not just about playing games and getting the points - Think of gamification as a technology-enabled framework that applies game-like environment and thinking to any problem, challenge or process. And, yes, it included quizzes and learning.

"People can forget up to 80% of what they have learning within 30 days period." - Being able to test your employees and get an instant feedback becomes essential but trying to gauge your employee's knowledge on a periodic basis is a challenge. 

Attempting a small knowledge gap test across your team, or testing newly hired agents, or even checking if new policies and rules have sunk into the minds of the team - is a challenge from both technology and employee engagement perspective. On the one hand most of the time it's a third-party set of tools used for e-learning and tests (This is where companies find that they need to tie in e-learning and tests data to other platforms). On the other hand - employees are rarely rewarded for taking the tests or participating in learning programs. In the long run, disconnected poorly integrated 3rd party systems and employee disengagement is a recipe for disaster... E-learning, quizzes, and gamification have to be together.

So how does your contact center tests if agents have absorbed their training or learned about recent changes to one of the products or services? Do you use a stand-alone survey platform, an open source quiz tool or a custom-made app? The best answer that would make call center agents happy is if you are combining gamification with e-learning and quizzes. Participating rewards in the form of points and badges, separate boards that track individual and team progress when it comes to learning, ability to track the learning trail progress are just some of the suggestion to use. Bottom line is the rewards does not have to be tangible. It's all about putting a good old game spin on the process. Millenials that are a very significant part of your workforce population have grown up on video games - to them this form of competition and rewards is the 2nd nature.

If you're already working on a gamification or have a platform in place - it might be a good idea to add quizzes and tests automation into the mix. A great place to start is to centralize gamification, tests, and e-learning under one roof. 

learning gamification call center

Just being able to quiz your workforce on a simple single question and test quickly could be a big step forward. Consider a simple case when there is a small change to a customer policy - and within one day you need to know if all of your agents are aware of it. 

gamify learning call center

Being able to go beyond the above and tie in gamification, quizzes, and machine learning is even better. For example being able to track agents successes and failures when it comes to specific types of calls and determining if re-training is needed or test needs to be put in place to verify agents knowledge of a particular subject. Doing manual analysis or stat tracking on each call center agent is impossible from a human perspective. However, setting up a set of rules, or flags or even going advance by putting a machine learning algorithm in charge of monitoring and learning from a few rules can be a game changer.

By combining gamification, quizzes, and e-learning, we want to prompt behavioral changes - so that agents are more attentive to what they learn and take pride in being successful at getting excellent results when a quiz is done. Again points, leaderboards, badges are great, and it's even better if you can add social media theme to it. For example, employees being able to congratulate each other on challenging test completion. 

As a final result, it's the impact on the bottom line that counts the most! When gamification platform has a chance to impact quizzes and learning it leads to improved knowledge retention, better test results feedback, learning opportunities and knowledge gap tracking, impacting agents behavioral changes when it comes to learning and tests - these are just a few of many areas where gamification can drive results.