Gamification Platform Impact on Your Contact Center’s Returns

Contact centers have been using gamification concepts since… pretty much, forever. Running contests and incentives has always been part of enhancing agent performance to meet or exceed a specific objective. But, because of the manual work involved in this process, contests are often too few and far between.

nGUVU’s gamification solution, nGAGEMENT, is built as an immersive experience to transform the day-to-day life of contact center agents into the agent’s journey. Using concepts like engagement, motivation and, gamification, the platform doesn’t simply rely on contests or incentives. By design, nGAGEMENT leverages people’s natural desire to build their intrinsic motivation just through the use of the application.

Substantial ROI has been achieved by our customers since the integration of nGAGEMENT into their call centers. Within 4 to 5 weeks, a large financial institution was able to achieve better results on schedule adherence, support calls, and first call resolution, improving each KPI’s performance by +4.5%, and achieving ROI within 3 months. 

Using nGAGEMENT over the last 7 months, another one of our customers, a large telecommunications company, was able to improve schedule adherence by +5% and sales by 2.5%, reaching ROI within 4 months. Organizing contests used to take up to 45 minutes per manager, per day at this company. However, with the use of the contest feature in nGAGEMENT, manual tracking of results became a thing of the past. Managers could now use this time gained to focus on the importance of coaching and supporting their teams. 

nGAGEMENT was also used at a large health management organization in order to introduce new KPI’s as well as motivate and re-energize performance management for more tenured agents that had become more complacent concerning their results and their engagement at the contact center. Since the implementation of nGAGEMENT, our client witnessed an improved performance of 3.5% and ROI within 4 months.

The nGAGEMENT application has proven time and time again that it has the ability to facilitate the process of motivating and encouraging agents at contact centers across all industries. nGUVU’s comprehensive solution has led to improved productivity and returns for countless customers within only months of use. Receiving praise from agents and managers alike, nGAGEMENT has revolutionized the way contact centers work and continues to focus on the human desire for competition, collaboration, achievement, status, and recognition.

If you’re curious about the Gamification ROI that your contact center can be making with nGAGEMENT, don’t hesitate to contact our team. You can also book a 30 minute product demonstration where you will get to see the product in action!

Leila Mourtada & Pascal Leclerc