Gamification Popularity, Trends, Forecasts... - Demonstrated by Google Tools

Did you know that keyword "Gamification" generates over 60 000 search requests on Google per month? Not too bad for a keyword that virtually didn't exist in Google search queries just six years ago.

In this article, I intentionally stayed away from billion dollar forecasts and big predictions from management consulting companies. Let's see what we can find if we look only at the keyword popularity and human-driven search query requests.

Gamification has been steadily increasing in popularity among companies, and it's easy to see - only consider what these two sources got to say: Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner.

Gamification gained its first search engine popularity peak on Google at the end of 2012 and since then maintained the momentum. As you can see Google Trends uses a score from 0 to 100 to highlight, relative keyword term popularity and "Gamification" has held at 75 or above for past five years. 

gamification average monthly searches - TEMP.jpg

Interest in gamification can also be demonstrated by the number of searches on Google - 60000 queries a month is a definite highlight of interest that people and companies have toward gamification solutions and concept in general. With US and Germany accounting for almost a third of queries related to Gamification.

What's also interesting to consider is that people are interested and looking into Gamification examples - going after image-based searches. If we look at the Google Trends data for this one, it's easy to see how image search for this keyword has been steadily climbing in popularity over past few years.

If you're interested to see how popularity for "Gamification" has changed across the US-based searches only - I included an image with a direct link to the Google Trends.  Interest in gamification appeared one year earlier compared to the rest of the globe and is also at a pretty high 75 out of 100 relative popularity score. 

I was surprised to see that search for the gamification related term is dominated by desktop computers and not mobile devices.

gamification trends 5 - temp.jpg

Global interest in gamification is also worth highlighting from a couple more perspectives: "Gamification App" (blue trend line) and "Gamification Business" (red trend line) searches. Both continue to gain more popularity and going side by side for both search interest and relative popularity.

In this article, I intentionally stayed away from billion-dollar forecasts and big predictions from management consulting companies. I only wanted to see if Gamification is popular when it comes to searches - and whether or not there is Google-driven search query data to back it up. As you can see people and companies are interested and looking for apps and gamification of work/business.