nGUVU - Gamification and Employee Engagement Addition to Genesys PureCloud

Contact center agents are at the center of the omnichannel customer journey. Did you know that on average agents can interact with the same customer across fore plus different channels within a single day? The customer journey and customer support are not linear anymore - social media, email, apps, web chat, phone, etc. it is essential to have a consistent experience for your company clients across all of the channels. 

With all of this omnichannel complexity surrounding the day to day work of a contact center agent, a few of us know that 60% of the agent workforce is considered to be disengaged at work - causing below average customer experience! Engaging employees and motivating them with gamification is the key to success. Many companies tend to take care of the first aspect - technology, and entirely miss the people part of the equation. That is why employee engagement and gamification are essential to the success of customer care or contact center operations.

Happy Agents = Happy Customers or how we like to put it at nGUVU - "Happy Agents for Happy Customers."

If you think that your agents might not be happy with their day to day activities, consider this - companies that excel at customer experience have 2x times as many engaged employees as do customer experience laggards.

nGUVU teamed up with Genesys that brings all of the omnichannel contact center operations into a single platform to provide a next-generation employee engagement experience. Our nGAGEMENT platform (Take a look at our AppFoundry profile) motivates agents to achieve their objectives by immersing them in a fun game-like environment. Revolutionizing how contact centers operate by creating a better everyday work experience for agents is what we do at nGUVU by delivering nGAGEMENT gamification and employee engagement platform. 

Omnichannel customer support is becoming a must-have for the companies that want to stay in tune with their clients. This is where we give a high-five to our friends at Genesys for the excellent work they have done with their PureCloud platform

By 2020 90% of companies are expected to be able to support customer care requests via social media. Only a couple years ago average expectation was 24 hours to respond to a customer via social media - now it is shrinking to under 1 hour! Fail to meet customer support needs leads to negative customer experience, but on a bright side if your team responds and solves issues using social media - customers will increase spend by 20%-40%.

Social is not the only channel - web apps and web chat are two additional channels that are booming when it comes to customer care. According to Dimension Data 2015 Global Center Benchmarking Report: mobile apps are responsible for 54% of customer support requests & web chat can be used by up to a 70% clients that require support. Customer expectation is that if he or she has engaged over one or two of these channels they can just seamlessly continue the conversation on a next channel and get the same experience without repeating themselves. 

As I've mentioned at the beginning of the article - customer journey is rarely linear. To add to this complexity of the answer or inquiry to be resolved that have progressed from one channel to another is not the same either. Now, the question is how is your company rewarding agents that are solving escalating and more complex client requests? Do you have a reward system in place for hard workers that resolve issues faster and have more success? Is it only extrinsic or are you leveraging intrinsic motivators? If the answer is "YES" to all of the above - congratulations you're falling into a category of companies where employee engagement is 2x+ times higher compared to the rest of the crowd. 

Above is one of the main reasons why nGUVU is the perfect addition to the Genesys PureCloud. PureCloud aggregates all of omnichannel activities and contact center operations in one place. Now that you have aggregated operation and you have all of the performance data - what are you doing to motivate your team of agents? 

This is where our integration with Genesys PureCloud shines. nGAGEMENT will sync in real-time from PureCloud the presence and ACD state changes of the agent as well as performance metrics such as AHT, After call work, number of calls, etc. Now you can activate gamification, and a myriad of extrinsic rewards to engage with your team at a new level - read more.

Want to learn how Genesys + nGUVU integration works, or how to activate employee engagement and gamification on your PureCloud? Reach out to our team