Why Genesys PureCloud? - Integrations, Apps, Omnichannel Capabilities & More

When it comes to selecting an omnichannel capable platform for a contact center, there are quite a few choices out there - consider this as an example: g2crowd.com lists over 1000 platforms and tools for its Contact Center solutions category. Much of this variety and options is driven by a today's customer. 

Today's clients has little patience when it comes to waiting in line for a customer support agent to answer their questions. Most of the customers will go the self-service path and attempt to find the answers on their own - while leveraging a multitude of channels (social, email, chat, sms... etc.). The industry average is that a contact center agent can engage with the same customer across four-plus channels on the same day. Trend is as such that if a client fails on one channel he will move to the next one, and next one - incurring extra costs - until he gets the answer (timely support and resolution becomes critical). That is why a robust omnichannel platform like Genesys PureCloud is a necessity - customer journey has to be tracked within one place, and all of the related data should flow to the same platform.

An open platform philosophy makes Genesys PureCloud great. What we mean by that is the ability to connect to a variety of add-ons and apps to their platform. Just take a look at their "app exchange" - AppFoundry with its couple of hundred integrated addon platforms and tools. Workforce management, analytics, workforce optimization, collaboration, gamification and employee engagement - anything you can think of is already here!

nGUVU team views Genesys and their PureCloud platform - as leaders, but don't take our word for it. Consider companies like Forrester and Gartner, and research done by them that includes Genesys platforms. 

Both Forrester and Gartner are recognized as top management consulting and research companies, both publish an impressive variety of research. As a part of their research Forrester "Wave Report" and Gartner "Magic Quadrant," they talk about platforms for contact centers, and in case of both companies, they consider Genesys as an undisputed Leader in their niche!

For example Forrester Wave report - solutions for midsize and large contact centers 

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Call Center As a Service Solutions

In case of nGUVU, we provide gamification and employee engagement platform for contact centers, so we become the perfect addition to the omnichannel platform like Genesys PureCloud. We've joined forces with Genesys and built a complete integration with their PureCloud platform so that we can revolutionize the day to day operations of the contact centers by submerging the call center agents into a game-like environment. An environment where gaming, social media, collaborative environment, analytics and optimization, machine learning, etc. - all blend to deliver 2.0 experience end environment for call center agents and teams.

What are some of the capabilities that make Genesys strong (apart from a myriad of integrations, connected apps, and stellar omnichannel capabilities); 

Here's a quick recap of what Forrester says about Genesys in its most recent Wave report:

* "Strong omnichannel of voice and nonvoice channels like SMS, chat, email, etc."

* "SIP Server for out-of-the-box integrations with a
wide array of systems, including Microsoft Skype for Business."

* "Proactive notifications, predictive
dialing, and native WFO."

* "Extensive library of G+ adapters provides
out-of-the-box integrations with CRM and other WFO packages."

Here's a quick recap of what Gartner says about Genesys in its most recent Magic Quadrant report (Genesys - recognized as a Leader):

* "PureCloud supports preconfigured integrations to Microsoft (Dynamics), Oracle (Service Cloud), Salesforce, SAP, and Zendesk, and provides REST- and SOAP-based open APIs for integrating with a variety of third-party systems."

*  Recognized for its omnichannel capabilities and strengths, open platform architecture, and myriad of the available add-ons and integrations - a Leader with strong capabilities across the board


Want to learn more about Genesys PureCloud or explore how to add gamification, workforce optimization, and employee engagement capabilities to your PureCloud - just explore the provided links.