How Call Center Gamification Technology Helps to Motivate & Engage Your Team

For those who might be new to the world of gamification platforms and technology. Allow me to share a definition - "Forrester defines gamification as insertion of game dynamics and mechanics into nongame activities to drive the desired behavior."

Why is Gamification important, and how is it related to behavior modification or engagement? Consider following: sales, and call center business leaders tell that for over 80% of salespeople they fail to engage with them effectively and as a result, they see a decrease in meeting and opportunity follow-ups. Gamification is a technology-enabled strategy that allows company leadership to motivate contact center agents, sales executives, and customer care representatives in such way that they are excited to achieve their goals. 

Gamification today has reached an exciting phase and have benefited at large from behavioral sciences from within gaming industry. Gamification platforms have learned to work with the significant and real-time flow of data, visualize contact center performance and in the case of nGUVU also apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to drive insights. Contact center agents, sales executives & customer support reps became immersed and engaged with gamification technology because similarly to computer games its challenging and rewarding without necessarily gaining any $ compensation. In case of nGUVU, we take gamification one step further - we consider the lessons of the gaming industry, social media sites and amplify performance via machine learning.

Hold on, what about behavior modification and things that motivate sales, and call center agents?

1. Reward your talent and attach in-game performance points for the behavior that you want to encourage. In the case of nGUVU, we gamify KPI’s and translate results into Performance points. This way when agents achieve their objectives and are within their KPIs their receive points. It's rare to overhear from contact center agent that they are proud to reach a specific KPI value, but it is not uncommon to hear "hey I earned 500 performance points for reaching my KPI objective yesterday". In case of nGUVU performance points earned can qualify you to win a Contest, a Challenge, as Spark or improve your ranking on the leaderboard. Customers can attach real rewards based on scores achieved making it even more interesting for the agents.

call center gamification platform - rewards and points

2. Enable peer recognition and healthy competition. In case of the nGUVU platform, users can create micro-challenges between each other. They can also "Cheer" achievements of their team members - this combined with friendly performance charts activates social media and peer recognition. Enable team competition, holiday-based tournaments, and challenges - deliver variability when it comes to both challenges and rewards. 

call center gamification platform - challenges screen

3. Activate one to one engagement channel between managers and call center agents. For example, in case of nGUVU, we have a functionality called "Spark" - this enables managers to challenge their employees by, for example, temporarily increasing one of the objectives. "Spark" functionality allows managers to add a level of engagement with the sales team or call center agents.

call center gamification platform - monitoring performance and KPIs

4. Make agents proud of their achievements - yes scoreboards and leader charts are still there, but there can be variability added to it - performances based on different KPIs for example. GUVU points / in platform currency, avatar or UI customizations, challenge trophies - there are many ways in which a gamification platform can remind an agent of his or her performance. Similarly, to gaming, it's always great to have a board with badges and achievements that an agent has accomplished.

call center gamification platform - peer recognition screen

5. Activate machine learning & merge it with your custom goals and KPIs! Enable deeper, real-time understanding of performance risks, absenteeism, KPI fluctuations and other variables with the help of artificial intelligence. Insights can go beyond the above few examples and help managers also understand how their agents are using the points earned, what customizations they are doing, how are they participating in challenges - giving valuable insights into what drives the salesforce, call center agents or customer care reps in this new environment. (screenshot)

If you have not considered gamification for your company may be, this article has changed your mind. In case of nGUVU, we've merged gamification technology with machine learning - so that you can get the best of both worlds. On one hand game-like environment, with social media aspects, challenges, and personalization freedom that encourages your team to achieve their goals and objectives. On the other - machine learning and artificial intelligence that helps you gain more in-depth understanding of performance, foresee potential risks and obtain a clearer picture of how to better motivate your agents.

If you've read so far - consider reaching out to nGUVU team. Let us show you our gamification platform and demonstrate how its used by a multitude of companies across various industry verticals.