5 Ways Employee Engagement Solutions Save Call Center Managers Time

By Matthew Ritchie

Every workplace has its share of time-consuming job responsibilities. But in contact centers and call centers—where expectations for stellar customer service are at an all-time high, and omnichannel experiences drive brand loyalty and sales—agents are finding themselves with more duties than ever before. If they’re not motivated, everyone (including the company) suffers.

But employee engagement solutions like nGUVU’s state-of-the-art nGAGEMENT platform are making it easy to engage with employees, doing everything from automating training to helping agents reach new KPI milestones. Best of all, it saves managers time, by refining daily workflows and taking the guesswork out of implementing employee engagement initiatives.

Look below to find five ways nGAGEMENT increases productivity and enhances employee engagement in contact centers and call centers. Then, when you want to see it in action, skip to the bottom of the page to set up a demo.

How Employee Engagement Solutions Save Call Center Managers Time

1. Defined Metrics

Before you set out on a road trip, you usually need a map charting out your journey. To build a building, you need a blueprint so your crew understands how everything fits together, and what to focus on first.

The same is true for call center agents. Without goals, how are they supposed to accomplish them? And without a guide to get there, how can they do so in an efficient way.

Employee engagement solutions help managers define which metrics to aim for and KPIs to focus on improving. By assessing individual agents’ strengths and weaknesses, it gives them a clear guide of job-specific expectations and engages them so they can accomplish those feats sooner.

2. Improved Training

Training recruits, or expanding on the skillsets of current ones, is one of the most time-consuming and complex processes undertaken in a contact center. When done manually, not only does it take a lot of hours to accomplish, but one-on-one time to ensure lessons are learned and executed correctly.

But training, when done right, shouldn’t feel like a chore—it’s an investment, providing agents with a solid foundation for dealing with customers and any issues that may arise.

Employee engagement solutions like nGAGEMENT do just that, automating the learning process and helping managers follow up with agents through games and contests that test their skill and knowledge.

3. Reduced Turnover and Attrition

Staff turnover is one of the biggest issues facing contact centers and call centers alike. (According to a 2016 study, the average annual turnover rate for a customer service representative in the contact center industry was 29%, and professionals consistently quote staff attrition as one of the top worries of contact center managers.) Not only does replacing agents cost a lot of money in recruitment efforts, but the strain it puts on remaining agents due to added workloads can negatively impact the customer experience.

Employee engagement software prevents that from happening, engaging workers so they stay motivated to succeed and giving them the confidence needed to operate at a higher level. Click here to learn more.

4. Enhanced Social Interactions

Socialization has countless benefits and effects on an employee’s well-being and a sense of purpose in the workplace. Still, creating a healthy call center is hard to do when the majority of the day’s work revolves around helping customers. In fact, according to a recent survey, only 66% of call center respondents cited having at least one opportunity per shift to socialize with coworkers, and 16% had zero chances at all.

nGAGEMENT lets agents interact with one another in positive ways, even when they’re on the job, by allowing them to challenge each other to friendly competitions that improve KPIs and create a sense of camaraderie over shared goals. That way, agents stay focused while still being able to engage with co-workers in a meaningful way.

5. Automated Feedback

There’s no better way to improve yourself than by gaining feedback. But that’s not always easy to do when contact center managers and supervisors have to bounce around from one employee, or department, to the next (not to mention deal with other daily responsibilities on the side).

nGAGEMENT helps automate the process, awarding badges and points that let agents know they’re doing a good job, while regularly updating them on their progress through leaderboards that highlight their skills, and that of their co-workers.

As the adage goes, time is money. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have more of both. Click here to schedule a quick demo and learn how nGUVU’s employee engagement platform can save your company time and boost your bottom line.