Improve Employee Engagement At Work With These Simple Tricks

70 percent of U.S. employees are disengaged at work. The question is what are the companies doing to improve employee engagement levels within their workforce? There's not any lack of software, advisers, health programs and other productized methods to solving the issue. 

It used to be that a company would require months worth of planning and preparation to start an employee engagement initiative. Now, with tools and platforms available on the market it is a matter of a couple weeks for the company to embrace technology-driven employee engagement. But, even before you start investing in tech. and tools - here are some simple trick that you can do to improve your workforce engagement levels.


Begin With Managers & Lead By Example

"Walking the walk" will be the one most efficient employee participation strategy any business can deploy. In firms where leaders lead by example and demonstrate the desired behavior, workers are 55 percent engaged, and 53 percent more concentrated on their job and the new initiative in place.



Management transparency features an immediate 94 percent correlation with worker satisfaction. Trusting workers with sensitive info gives them a feeling of belonging in the organization, instead of a"us versus them"  understanding of their management-employee relationship.


Access To Management & Employee Recognition

This point is actually two combined together. First, supervisors and also the C-suite has to be visible and accessible around the workplace, so that workers see them as equal and readily available for advice and help, instead of locked away in the closed office room. Secondly, openly recognize employees for their contributions and accomplishments. Intrinsic motivation costs nothing and goes a long way - inspiring people to keep doing the good work they are already delivering.


Be Authentic

Businesses comprise of individuals, not machines, products or property. Actual connections between workers and their managers and management inspire confidence and builds comradery. Supervisors who revealed their individual side had been rated 59 points higher on crucial skills among workers.


Be Flexible

Give workers the freedom to adjust their work schedules or place to suit their requirements. Many companies do not expect workers to get work if they operate from home or place their own hours, but mathematically, employees with flexible hours and places are more productive, happier and more engaged than 9-to-5 cubicle dwellers.


Hire Behaviors and Traits

Expertise and education do not guarantee functionality. The most proficient candidate will fail if he or she has a bad attitude. Emphasize hiring for and encouraging the ideal behaviors and character traits to your organization. 


Provide Training & Make It Easy For Your Employees To Study New Things

Filling out mountains of paperwork and sitting through a canned PowerPoint demonstration on the very first day on the job is a surefire way to kill participation. New employees begin with excitement and fascination, therefore capitalize on that momentum by placing them directly to work, assisting them to get to understand their co-workers or matching them with a mentor. Acclimate them into the organization by creating a superb first impression, and they will fall in love with your business and their job.


Volunteer Together

management and employees in volunteer jobs see an immediate increase in participation and productivity. Working together to assist others demonstrates that the provider isn't just about earning money, but about making a difference on the planet. The last point matters the most to the millennial workforce - which at this point represents the majority of a workforce.


Play Together

Having fun together not just divides the regular but also promotes creativity and cooperation. Sponsor a business softball tournament or sponsor a monthly"dress-up afternoon," where workers can wear their ugliest sweater or game a mad hair color. Obviously, management needs to also get in on the action.

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