Announcing the nGUVU Master Class Series for Contact Centers

With the buzz around topics like Gamification and Employee Engagement, and strong indications that the contact center industry is focusing on Customer Experience (CX) across virtually every vertical business segment, it was clear to us at nGUVU that there is a need to create an educational program around the tangible benefits and real-world results that can be achieved when applying these concepts to the modern contact center.

Our philosophy has always been straightforward - to improve contact centers, one agent at a time -  and the most frequent question we hear when on discovery calls, at conferences, and anywhere we interact with customers, can be summarized quite plainly "I've heard a lot about gamification, and machine learning. Are these buzzwords, or can you demonstrate their value?"

We invite everyone seeking to improve their KPI-driven results to join our next webinar, where we focus on achieving your AHT metric objectives, while actually increasing customer satisfaction. If these performance goals appear contradictory to you, we think you might be pleasantly surprised by the insight our guess panelist will present...find out more, starting November 7th, on our Live Webinar - Register Today.

And if you can't wait for our Master Classes to begin, feel free to download our latest Customer Success Story with Lasik MD's Director of Patient Care. We showcase how Gamification and Real-time analytics propelled their contact center operations to the next level. Download it here: Lasik MD - Customer Success Story.



Contact Center master class series - AHT and CSAT