nGUVU Offers 30-Day Free Trial of Employee Engagement Platform to Genesys PureCloud Customers

By Matthew Ritchie

Contact center agents are at the center of the omnichannel customer journey. And when they’re not motivated to succeed, everything—from brand loyalty to a company’s bottom line—suffers.

But choosing the right employee engagement platform can be a pain, especially when it takes time to set up, and proper integration can cause countless headaches for IT.

nGAGEMENT leverages people’s natural desire to win, collaborate, and reach a higher status in the workplace through game mechanics, recognition, and a social media-like interface to improve employee engagement and motivation. Agents love it because it makes everyday tasks and goals fun and easy to achieve, while managers praise the platform for its intuitive interface and ability to monitor employee performance through in-depth analytics.

Now, Genesys PureCloud customers can get in on the action by signing up for a FREE 30-day trial that gives users access to nGAGEMENT’s state-of-the-art features, including gamified KPIs, quizzes, contests, and more.

With the 30-day free trial, users get access to nine gamified KPIs for improving employee engagement, including:

  • Presence at Work

  • Schedule Adherence

  • Schedule Compliance

  • On Queue Time

  • Interacting Time

  • Average Wrap-up Time

  • Total Talk Time

  • Productivity

  • On Queue Percentage

And nGUVU’s nGAGEMENT platform is easy to integrate with any existing workflow, so once the 30-day free trial is complete, users who decide to continue with the product can seamlessly add additional KPIs that further fit their business needs.

Ready to start your free trial? Get in touch with nGAGEMENT’s experts here, or go to AppFoundry and click the “Contact Us” button, to begin engaging your contact center agents today.