How Gamification & Call Center Optimization Help Attract & Retain Employees

Contact centers offer one of the most stressful early-career work environments today. Call centers are inherent - if not famously - known for early burnout and annual attrition rates that exceed 100%.

When employers consider these conditions, on-the-job enjoyment and employee engagement can seem like impossible goals. In addition, your capacity to attract the best possible candidates will be adversely affected.

Compensation, work-life balance, benefits and other typical advantages may help you in your recruiting efforts, however, most companies offer pretty much the same standard package, often positioning it as "excellent benefits". Remember that potential job applicants are seeing this across job boards as they search for their next career move.

Some of my favorites include "paid time off for statutory holidays" - which is akin to "take Saturday and Sunday off". (unless of course, you are hiring for the weekend shift...). 

Contact centers are KPI-driven and must deliver a high-quality customer experience. It is therefore vital to ensure your recruiting process and workplace culture enable agents to meet and surpass your established metrics.

The reasons for quality hires are compelling; for example, a 2014 survey by American Express found that 68 percent of consumers said they’d be willing to spend more with a company that they believe provides excellent service. Seventy-four percent said they have spent even more in such a situation.

Hiring right agents is always a challenge for call center managers because one wrong selection can compromise customer relationships and experience. Contact center operations suffer due to high agent attrition. Managers constantly train agents to only see them leave through a revolving door. While there is no overnight solution to this issue, engagement at work has proven to help reduce contact center attrition.

We are all in agreement that empty call center seats have real cost to the business, but so do seats occupied with the wrong talent.

What contact center agents expect

  • Flexible work schedules
  • Continuous feedback
  • Updated technology and equipment
  • Autonomy
  • Trust

Be different!

How about offering something completely outside the box: why not offer Fun - Engagement - Empowerment and Motivation as a benefit?

This is what a gamification can bring to your recruiting efforts. From the beginning, new hires will realize that performance management can be motivating and engaging.

Wouldn’t that be a fantastic advantage compared to your competition? Show off your technology during the interview process: are agents able to take responsibility for their on-the-job performance? Can you offer them easy access to their objectives and goals? Can agents see how they will likely end their week or month on KPIs directly related to their performance review and compensation?

Not only does nGAGEMENT change the reality of contact centers, and improve employee engagement, it is an excellent way to present a new innovative, dynamic and fun company culture to the agents you want to attract.

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