How to Optimize Workforce & Engage Employees in a Contact Center

One of the biggest problems that contact centers face today is agent turnover. Research has shown that the agent turnover rate is at an all-time high with percentages ranging from 25% to 50%. Throughout our years of working with call centers, we’ve seen even higher rates depending on the industry and the environment that they function in.

Why is this an issue? Agent turnover is costing your contact center up to and oftentimes beyond $15,000 per agent. Not to mention the valuable time lost on training new agents, the missed business opportunities that you’re unable to capitalize on, and the damaged reputation that your company is facing due to poor service to customers. All this combined is enough to demonstrate how the problem of agent turnover is expensive and therefore, needs to be addressed.

One of the best ways to combat agent turnover is to engage your team so that they are happy and motivated on the job. It’s been proven that using intrinsic motivators that leverage the agent’s natural desires for competition, collaboration, achievement, status, and recognition is a great way to do so. An effective employee engagement strategy that includes these five concepts is bound to make the difference. Here’s how:

Friendly competition challenges agents to outperform their peers. When competition is introduced, laziness and boredom are thrown out the window and the motivation to come out on top takes precedence.

Collaboration creates an open and friendly environment between agents at your contact center. As soon as the quality of communication is improved, you can be sure that workplace productivity will skyrocket.

Earning achievements encourages the agent to keep performing well. The anticipation of receiving badges acts as a guidance mechanic and provides feedback about their performance at work. These achievements also create goal commitments which make the agent feel fulfilled and satisfied when the objective is reached.

All human beings desire status. It gives us a sense of being valued by others and motivates us to maintain our top position. With status comes power which is another important factor in the motivational equation. When agents feel valued and empowered, they are inspired to deliver their best.

Recognizing your agent’s hard work and performance is an important method of delivering positive reinforcement. Agents who feel appreciated are more willing to contribute and put the desired effort.

When your agents are motivated, confident, happy, and engaged, you can be sure that your turnover rate will drop and your contact center’s productivity will rise to new levels. So, it’s time to turn your contact center around and start paying attention to the employees who matter the most. Get started with your gamification app and employee engagement program today by contacting us for a free demo of nGAGEMENT gamification platform. We’ll help you achieve the agent journey that you’re looking for and need!

Leila Mourtada