actionable call center analytics

call center analytics vector

call center analytics module designed specifically for managers. actionable insights are now only a click away - activate a better way to monitor and engage with your team.


automate performance & quality of work monitoring

challenges created, individual objectives achieved, points earned and more - fast way to track agent engagement level

One screen that shows your teams engagement level, simply choose a team and view the agents performance. 


simplify schedule and adherence monitoring 

simple and intuitive way to visualize team schedule

Your teams or individual agents - you can see everyone schedule on one screen. Monitor who's on time, when are the breaks, who's earning adherence points for good timing, filter to a desired group of people and so much more.

Want to drill down to an individual agent performance and KPI's from schedule view? No problem, one click on the name and you're in a KPI views.


activate a simple way to monitor quality of work

a simple, visual & efficient way to monitor quality of work at agent & team levels

Identify your top agents or filter for under performing part of the team to engage with them by creating contests, quizzes, and by giving them unique objectives to complete.


make your new call center analytics insights actionable

sparks - boost performance & improve engagement

SPARKS module allows managers to assign individual goals and objectives to agents on a daily basis. Learn about the optimal performance potential of each agent and capitalize on your findings by assigning daily SPARKS.

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