improve employee engagement by activating friendly agent vs. agent competition



it's great when managers can organize contests, but it is also fun to allow agents to challenge each other to a friendly competition.


activate agent vs. agent challenges

call center agent creates an average of 3-5 challenges on a weekly basis

It is fun to be able to challenge a colleague and see who can win by performing better in the selected metric of the day. 

It is rare to hear "I've reached an AHT of 6 minutes ". But, it is common to hear "I scored 450 of AHT yesterday!" 


gamify the friendly competition

give points, badges, and prizes as well as showcase your leaders in the live feed and on the leaderboards

Each action, competition, contest, and achievement allows agents to earn points and recognition on nGAGEMENT platform.

nGAGEMENT makes agents happy by applying intrinsic motivation technology - encouraging workforce to give their 100%.  


gain performance related insights

one click and you can see all of the active and past challenges 

Simplify and automate monitoring of all active contests with nGAGEMENT gamification and employee engagement platform. See all of the active contests, identify your most engage agents, and identify new rising stars. Learn and gain insights from the trove of data available to you.


who's winning the most challenges?

nGAGEMENT leaderboards can display and sort agents based on a category or individual KPI performance. Whether you're looking to see who are your new top performance for challenge competitions or to find out who's your AHT champions - smart leaderboards is the place to be.

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