Your contact center agent & team performance in one place


track, measure and gamify any number of kpi's. transfer & ALIGN PERFORMANCE data from multiple CALL CENTER SOLUTIONS to our employee engagement management platform. 


track, measure & gamify KPI's

average nguvu customer monitors 5 - 9 kpi's

KPI dashboard is visible to the user agent and to the managers. Managers get to see the bird eye view of every agents performance, and set individual goals and engage with agents in a game-like environment.

gamification of the call center kpi's

Transform classic kpi results into a fun and motivating concept

Let us bring in your data to nGAGEMENT platform in such way that it reflects the uniqueness of your contact center. nGUVU aligns our gamification and engagement capabilities to your expectations and requirements creating a tailored user experience.

catalyze employee engagement

agents take ownership and control of their own results & performance

Agents have 360 degree visibility of their own performance, KPI's, and quality of work, but now their experience is gamified and optimized in such a way that they are motivated to achieve on their objectives.

Give a better and more exciting day to day work experience to your agents - activate gamification.



bring in your contact center data from any other platform

Genesys, Avaya, or any other call center platform - nGAGEMENT platform flexibility allows us to aggregate performance data from multiple solutions.

call center data integrations

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track call center performance