discover and display your champions



we've taken the best from gaming industry & game-like mechanics, social media capabilities, and employee engagement technology and aligned it all together in one platform.


introduce game-like mechanics 

dozens of badges and achievements to be unlocked

Agents can now earn dozens of badges, track their progress and display their success to the team. Each step earns points and as the badges are earned agent success is displayed in the real-time feed.


discover your talent in niche performance categories

leaderboards that allow you to sort for top agents based on any kpi, parameter, category or variable

Leaderboards allow you to track team and individual performance across multiple categories. Visible to the team this is the perfect display that shows both "veterans" and "rising stars"  - across the categories that matters most to your company.


motivate agents to improve their results

complete transparency gives agents 360° view of their performance & encourages them to auto-correct

A simple, one page dashboard that highlights individual agent performance and allows you to engage with your team members.



track and gamify sales performance

make sales a part of your employee engagement management via gamification strategy

Track sales and revenue generated - per team or individual agent. Align your gamification and employee engagement efforts with company sales performance and results.

they are the omni-channel CX champions

that drive performance across the board

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