about carecentrix

CareCentrix is a leader in providing health guidance and support care to the home. The company manages 26 million members through 8000 provider locations, with the help of 1600 call center agents.



CareCentrix had an initial objective of improving the day-to-day work experience for their call center agents, and of bringing employee engagement to the next level. The goal was to enable and encourage self-management, to implement better
performance-tracking, and to improve overall team morale through gamification.



The platform was a perfect fit for CareCentrix. The Care and Service Centers team was ready to maximize the tools at their disposal to bring a fun and engaging technology to their agents, managers, and coaches. The Key Performance Indicators that they valued most and felt needed the most attention were:  Presence at work, Schedule adherence and compliance, AHT and Efficiency. Through the collection of 6 months of historical data, the nGAGEMENT team could set the benchmark for monitoring improvement in the months to come.

The nGUVU platform has been influential and the major reason for CareCentrix’ increased employee engagement. The software is extremely easy to navigate and allows our team members to interact and monitor their performance on a real time basis. Overall nGUVU has been a tremendous asset to our company and helps us in encouraging our team members to achieve their goals while also having fun at the same time.

Fais Siddiky
Manager - Operations - Care & Service Center (CSC)


By coordinating with the IT department and Reporting departments, nGAGEMENT was up and running in just under 6 weeks. A new visual representation was created and conceptualized for the Efficiency and Presence at Work KPIs. An entirely new KPI was brought to life through existing data, called Stack Ranking.



The CareCentrix team launched an internal program called Play To Win, now basing results on agents’ usage of the nGAGEMENT platform and tied in to their monthly incentive program. CareCentrix became experts in leveraging the Quiz feature to support independent trainings and coachings. Within 6 weeks of initial nGAGEMENT implementation, significant results were observed.



On average, agent performance increased by 6% after implementation

Schedule adherence among agents improved by 20% 

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80% of agents login daily to check their performance, status & KPI’s

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550 individual performance goals or “Sparks” are created on a monthly basis by a team of 20 managers

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3 minutes average achieved to launch a team quiz. (CareCentrix creates 20 quizzes / month)

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Call center agents create an average of 15000 cheers or social actions per month