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Continuous Employee Engagement Matters

To create sustained agent motivation in your contact center, a complete employee engagement strategy must include feedback, performance management, and recognition.

In addition, for employee engagement to be successful across the entire department or organization, both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators need to be combined and leveraged to account for employee preferences, types of goals and objectives, as well as personality types.

Advantages of Gamification and Machine Learning

Performance management solutions provide a useful, but limited, add-on to today's contact center applications. While they provide tracking and auditing capabilities for existing performance metrics, they do little to promote a continuous and sustained increase in agent motivation, engagement, performance and efficiency.

Gamification is a great team-building framework - it leverages proven game mechanics for social engagement - but it can also create a barrier for agents that are less competitive, or those that simply do not want to start a new narrative while under the daily pressure of workplace tasks.

By combining the best elements from performance management and gamification solutions, nGAGEMENT by nGUVU provides an engaging interface, individual self-management features, complete KPI transparency, and challenges every agent based on their specific motivators.

Proven ROI

Every customer gets something different from nGAGEMENT - Cost reduction, increased schedule adherence, reduced AHT, increased customer satisfaction and experience scores - and the results are quantifiable across all of their experiences.

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