Don't just take your contact centre's temperature. 
Adjust the thermostat!

contact Center scorecard - thermometer

Typical performance management tools are
no better than thermometers

While it's important to track performance for your team, employee engagement can only be achieved with individualized motivational techniques.

Contact Center predictive analytics - thermostat

nGAGEMENT does more than track performance.
We provide actionable data

Our data-driven analytics engine provides continuous feedback to adjust performance metrics, predict outcomes, and encourage progress.

Our inbound sales team has loved nGAGEMENT from day they can keep their eye on their average call revenue in real-time!
— Contact Centre Director, Quebec's largest telecommunications provider

The Importance of Employee Engagement

When agents are highly productive, daily operations run smoothly and objectives are easily met. When they lag behind, call resolution, time in queue, abandonment rate, speed of answer and many other key performance indicators are negatively impacted.

High turnover means more time spent training new agents, as well as a higher ratio of less experienced agents. Alternatively, a low turnover rate means the majority are agents are highly experienced and able to handle calls effectively, efficiently and expertly. It also means cost savings in recruitment and training.

Highly productive agents who are experienced and knowledgeable are able to provide a higher level of service to customers. 

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