Customer journey is powered by people & technology - with contact center agents at the center of the experience.

" Agents can interact with the same customer across 4 plus channels within a single day". 
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"60% of the agent workforce segment is considered to be disengaged at work - causing below average customer experience"


                          improve customer journey by                          gamifying agent work

Gamification has a profound impact on restoring the engagement levels, improving customer experience, and delivering a positive impact to the omni-channel customer journey.


Customer journey is never linear.

Contact center agents, customer journey mapping and gamification technology need to be aligned together.

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Non-Linear Journey

Aligning gamificaiton, agents, and customer journey is the key to success

omni-channel & gamification

It's much easier to enable gamification and align it with customer journey if a platform is in place

align journey & gamification

Engaging with a customer at a different stage of journey and complexity should be rewarded accordingly

happy agents at the center

Workforce at succesfull companies is 2x times more engaged when compared to average performers


Want to discover how leading companies are using gamification technology in an omni-channel world?


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