Top 10 Strategies for Modernizing Workforce Optimization - eBOOK

All over the world, contact center managers and operations teams face a number of challenges that
can negatively impact workforce efficiency and effectiveness, which in turn impacts the customer
experience and contact center revenue generation, or puts the organization at risk.

There are various approaches to overcoming or at least mitigating the impact of these challenges while
still delivering on service level agreements within the operating budget. Find out what strategies are being used by best-in-class contact centers around the Globe.

Workforce Optimization and Customer Engagement Best Practices eBook

This complimentary publication takes a look at the evolution of contact centers, and includes insight on both technology and best practices for effectively staffing your contact center in order to ensure both customer success and profitability.

It also provides guidance on leveraging Workforce Optimization (WFO) technologies including call recording, speech and data analtyics, business intelligence (BI), quality assurance, WFM and customer surveying tools.

Authored by customer care experts Dick Bucci and Patrick Botz