Government Contact Center Benefits

Our goal is to help inbound and outbound government contact center agents and service representatives be the best at what they do by ensuring objectives are on target and calls are being handled as efficiently as possible. 

Our mission is to support government organizations by empowering their contact center staff with a continuous engagement model.

Find out how we can help you achieve your objectives with solutions designed for your business.

Increase contact center agent efficiency and accountability

Ensure that your contact center agents are engaged, fairly evaluated and rewarded, and dedicated to customer satisfaction. nGAGEMENT provides an integrated and automated environment that provides your telemarketing agents with quick and easy access to their performance metrics and current standing in real-time. Access nGAGEMENT once a day for a few minutes to get the latest stats from leaderboards, scorecards, and accomplishments. Check on management updates and notifications. See how close you are to your objectives and goals. Adjust your day to achieve your KPI targets. It's all available through a single interface to your contact center systems: nGAGEMENT by nGUVU.

Telemarketing - inbound and outbound call center

Boost agent engagement and job satisfaction

Employee engagement doesn't end with new hire onboarding. It is a continuous process that requires constant monitoring and adjustments. nGAGEMENT provides the features and capabilities to automate behavioral analysis, generate reports, take pulse surveys, and empowers managers to make informed decisions on staff scheduling, employee incentive plans, contests, recognition, and other vital HR policies and procedures.

Deliver on your customer experience promise

Engaged employees produce engaged customers. By empowering agents and ensuring they are equipped to do their best every day, you are in turn making sure that your customers and partners are being given the best possible service. Customer loyalty is your return on investment.

Reduce contact center attrition 

Global research has shown that "contact center agent" is the occupation with one of the highest attrition rates across industries. We specifically developed nGAGEMENT to address this challenge. 

Benefit from Machine Learning-based workforce analytics

  • Predict agent departures

  • Predict absenteeism

  • Identify and predict best productivity periods