Healthcare Contact Center Benefits

Whether it’s a hospital, a clinic, a healthcare/insurance provider, or an HMO, every health-focused contact center wants to give the best possible care to its patients while providing and maintaining an engaging workplace for agents with the skills and expertise necessary to do so.

It’s not an easy balance to achieve.

At nGUVU, our mission is to support healthcare organizations everywhere by empowering their contact centers with an employee engagement platform that facilitates continuous training and improvement.

Look below to learn how we can help you achieve your objectives with solutions specifically designed for your business and its needs.


Ensure that your contact center agents are engaged, consistently dedicated to customer satisfaction, evaluated fairly, and rewarded accordingly.

nGAGEMENT provides an integrated and automated environment that serves as a quick health check for your agents and helps managers better understand strengths that should be maximized and weaknesses that should be addressed. Access nGAGEMENT throughout the day to get the latest stats on your agents by viewing the Leaderboard, individual agents' Performance pages, and daily accomplishments in the Activity Feed.

Reach agents by messages and notifications, give them full visibility on their daily performance, offer support in achieving objectives, and help them adjust their performance, all from a single interface that’s cloud-based, secure, automated, and tailored specifically to your healthcare contact center’s needs.

Boost agent engagement and job satisfaction

Employee engagement doesn’t end with onboarding—it’s a continuous process that requires periodic monitoring, restructuring, and adjustment.

nGAGEMENT contributes to improving results by leveraging gamification to support training, encourage better workplace behaviour, and hold agents accountable for their work—giving them the tools necessary to improve performance every single day.

On top of that, nGAGEMENT’s in-depth insights on employee engagement and satisfaction empower managers to make informed decisions on staff scheduling, employee recognition, training, and other vital HR procedures.


In today’s competitive marketplace, customer loyalty is everything.

Make sure your agents are delivering the best possible experience to your callers and customers by encouraging them to go above and beyond through consistent training and accountability.

Reduce contact center attrition 

Agent turnover is the number one challenge facing today’s contact center managers.

Employee engagement software like nGAGEMENT makes attrition a thing of the past by motivating employees through Challenges and other features that test skills and enhance performance, as well as a dashboard that gives agents added visibility into the impact they have on the customer experience and on the business. 



  • Predict agent departures

  • Predict absenteeism

  • Identify and predict best productivity periods