Calculating Gamification ROI

nGUVU team has put together an infographic that delves into the topic of calculating a gamification and employee engagement technology ROI. Both gamification and employee engagement has positive effect on employees and company revenue.

Among nGUVU customers we identify 6 areas that are affected the most within contact center work environment. Employee turnover or attrition, engagement and productivity, daily absenteeism, new hire drop rate, quality of work, engagement and effectiveness when it comes to training and knowledge gaps identification.

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Why Genesys Is The Best Option For a Contact Center?

Join us as we discover what makes Genesys PureCloud the best platform for a contact center.

Phone, Email, SMS, Chat... Genesys PureCloud enables contact center agents to engage with customers across all key channels within a single platform.

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omnichannel evolution and a contact center infographic

Engaging Customers In The Future

Learn how augmented reality, internet of things, co-browsing, consumer messaging and other channels impact the future of customer engagement. 

Learn how evolution of above mentioned channels is going to add complexity in the world of contact center agents.

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nGUVU + Genesys -- Why Gamification of OmniChannel Customer Support Matters

Contact center agents are at the center of the omnichannel customer journey. Did you know that on average agents can interact with the same customer across four plus different channels within a single day? With all of this omnichannel complexity surrounding the day to day work of a contact center agent, a few of us know that 60% of the agent workforce is considered to be disengaged at work - causing below average customer experience! Engaging employees and motivating them with gamification is the key to success. 

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nGUVU + Genesys PureCloud Integration

We've teamed up with Genesys to revolutionize
contact centers by creating a better everyday work
experience for agents. Our gamification platform
motivates agents to achieve their objective by
immersing them in a fun game - like environment.

With nGAGEMENT’s integration to the PureCloud solution, it is now easier than ever to offer something new and innovative to your PureCloud nGAGEMENT is the only solution that can transform their agent’s day-today life into an immersive, engaging and motivating journey… the perfect addition to PureCloud.

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Infographic: Continuous Employee Engagement

Get our latest infographic for the full picture on how nGAGEMENT can improve teamwork, productivity, engagement and motivation for your contact center agents.


Machine Learning - Cheat Sheet -  Data Science Central

This is by no means a comprehensive guide to machine learning, but rather an infographic depicting the basic components - for those that like both Machine Learning and Emojis!

The Importance of Agent Engagement - Infographic

Agent engagement is often put on the sidelines in contact centers. Managers are usually focused on simply organizing their workforce as opposed to optimizing it. With this type of mindset, your contact center continues to lose thousands of dollars on a daily basis. Studies have shown that agents are your biggest and most valuable assets, so why not include them in the equation?

How to Manage and Optimize a Call Center Effectively - Infographic

Managing and optimizing your call center is not an easy task but it doesn’t have to be a rollercoaster ride either. With the right tools and strategies put into place, you’ll be able to nourish a team that is motivated to perform its best in no time.