Leverage social media, game mechanics and recognition concepts
to build intrinsic motivation to create the agent journey


We believe that a job worth doing is worth enjoying while you’re doing it. We leverage game-like functionality to drive contact centre metrics while providing the look and feel of a typical gaming and social network environment. Our software provides an immersive experience that generates a higher level of engagement and motivation than typical contact centre contests or whiteboard score keeping.

We use intrinsic motivators to leverage the agent’s natural desire for:

Create that winning loop by engaging and motivating the agents towards achieving their goals. Capitalize on people's natural desires and drive behavioural change for internal satisfaction and fulfillment. Intrinsic motivation is usually self-applied and springs from a direct relationship between the individual and the situation.

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We use machine learning to detect behavioral trends such as a rise in absenteeism and even an agent’s likelihood to leave your company. Additionally, machine learning is used to adjust game mechanics to fuel an agent’s performance level and boost their results. Finally, machine learning is leveraged to optimize staffing decisions based on agent peak performance predictions.

We use machine learning to predict the agent’s behavior for:

  1. Manage your team instead of the data. Machine Learning is based on algorithms that can learn from data without relying on rules-based programming, and its main benefit is the ability to relentlessly analyze data and every combination of variables.
  2. Innovation: Machine Learning is designed to break benchmarks and reset the rules. Agents are not limited to the methods used the previous year, month, or day. Anything goes.
  3. Automatically discover hidden patterns and anomalies within data through a simple visual interface. Instead of reports comprised of static data, get actionable feedback.
  4. Adaptability is the foundation of Machine Learning. Challenges, target metrics and quizzes need to adapt to each individual agent’s pace. Without Machine Learning driving the system, progress is a one-size-fits-all proposition. 
  5. Machine Learning is the best model for combining hard science with human behavior. Predictive analysis provides insight into performance plateaus, engagement at work, and loyalty.