automate & gamify your call center training 

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activate automated quiz creation and coaching that's aligned with employee engagement management in your contact center


create quizzes & and activate gamified training

team, individual agents, geo targeting - simply create, distribute and get quiz results fast

Supervisors and managers can create quizzes to support training or coaching in an entertaining way. Quizzes can be about a new product, a new training document, or simply a fun question about current events.

Supervisors and managers can learn about individual agent performance and use this as coaching. 


align learning and tests with gamification

create a sense of achievement, growth and personal accomplishment for your contact center agents

Every step that agents take is a part of gamification journey. Be it a test, coaching program, performance management, a contest - everything is a part of a gamified experience from now on and is align with a company wide gamification and employee engagement strategy.


quizzes are now a part of a gamified agent journey

complete transparency gives agents full view of their performance

Now that quizzes are a part of the gamified work experience agents have full visibility of their learning performance. 



dedicated view and dashboard for managers

manage and view past quizzes and tests, re-launch tests with one click, track results & more

nGUVU team has created a quiz management view specifically for contact center managers. Now your team leaders get all of the coaching and testing tools in one place. Building, and launching test, and tracking performance have just became easier.


quality of work depends on training 

surveys are your real-time gauge of agents knowledge. create, manage and launch your team quizzes in just minutes.

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