Whitepaper: Customer Experience & Mobile Commerce in Online Tourism

With the emergence of new technologies and innovative
services, cost differentials for certain services have been widening.  In this context, digital channels are so often used by consumers that brands have
to include them in their customer strategy. Read this informative business whitepaper for Customer Experience experts iAdvize.

Contact Center Modernization: A Cloud-Based Approach Delivers Clear Value for Mid-Size Organizations

Today’s savvy business leaders know that the best way to ensure success is to put the customer experience first. Incorporating new channels such as mobile and social into the traditional contact center–and applying analytics to the resulting bonanza of information–can go a long way toward improving that experience. So can supporting a dispersed workforce, including agents who work from home or remote locations; and being able to scale staffing as needed to support increases in customer interaction during seasonal busy times or business growth.

How to increase agent retention in your contact center

In order to reduce costs and increase customer loyalty, retaining talented, hardworking agents is the key to contact center success.

Find out how to ensure that contact center agents, the most important asset for your business, remain engaged, motivated, and continuously strive to achieve their personal best.

An nGUVU Whitepaper


Evolving from Workforce Optimization Tactics to Employee
Engagement Strategies

We are currently witnessing a dramatic shift in the balance of power between many organizations and their customers across virtually all industries. Fueled by an increasing adoption of internet use, mobile technologies and social media, today’s empowered customers have access to more information, choices and opportunities. It is redefining what an ‘ideal experience’ means to customers.

Find out more in this Business Whitepaper sponsored by Genesys and 451 Research