New AWS Instance To Better Support Genesys PureCloud Growth In The ANZ region

Effective today, nGUVU is excited to announce an addition of Australia and New Zealand instance of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its nGAGEMENT call center gamification and employee engagement platform.

It's a part of our effort to create equal platform experience for all of our customers regardless of their geographical location.

By activating additional AWS locations, nGUVU is also enabling better options for local data storage and management. nGUVU customers who wish to store their data within geographical boundaries of their country can now do so in the ANZ region.

"Genesys has become one of the leading suppliers of customer experience platform and contact center solutions in Australia & New Zealand. We are ready to follow Genesys and support its clients in the ANZ region with our gamification and employee engagement addition to the PureCloud platform” - Pierre Donaldson, CEO, nGUVU.