nGUVU's Agent Journey Platform nGAGEMENT, Now Integrated With PureCloud by Genesys

July 19, 2017 - With nGAGEMENT’s integration to the PureCloud solution, it is now easier than ever to offer something new and innovative to your PureCloud customers. nGAGEMENT is the only solution that can transform their agent’s day-to-day life into an immersive, engaging and motivating journey.


nGAGEMENT will sync in real-time from PureCloud the presence and ACD state changes of the agent as well as performance metrics such as AHT, After call work, number of calls, etc. Thanks to the flexibility of the nGAGEMENT platform, a customer can combine different data sources coming from their PureCloud system with external data such as .csv or excel documents.


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