nGAGEMENT takes your contact center performance to the next level: employee engagement is achieved via social media features and game mechanics, leveraging your existing contact center data and reports from any vendor solution. nGAGEMENT also adds predictive analytics and powerful reporting tools!

gamification platform with IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE

nGAGEMENT creates the agent journey by transforming the day-to-day life of your agents. Bring together all the relevant KPI's and enhance the engagement level by using fun and motivating features.

Intuitive interface | Simple and easy to use app. based on day-to-day interactions. No training required!

Leaderboard | Compare your performance, visualize team challenges, display your "rockstars", highlight team objectives and more.

24/7 Availability | nGAGEMENT is always available allowing agents and supervisors to engage and interact with nGAGEMENT at any moment

Badges & Performance Recognition | Agents can earn badges based on their achievements and cheer their colleagues' accomplishments using the Activity Feed, offering the possibility of peer to peer feedback.


Gamify your kpis

nGAGEMENT is more than a dashboard or a performance management tool. We offer an immersive experience making it fun for the agents to meet their performance. Whatever indicator is important for your company or department, nGAGEMENT can capture the results and translate them into a points concept. Track your results and ranking using the Leaderbaord. 

Custom KPIs & Performance

Bring together all you of your indicators, irrespective of the system or solution they come from.

Friendly Team Challenges 

nGAGEMENT offers the agents the possibility of sending friendly challenges to their colleagues.

Achievements & Customization 

Show-off your progress and status by enhancing your Avatar and personalizing your profile.

engage with your call center team

Engage with your team on a daily basis 

"True engagement must be an ongoing effort, integrated into the daily experience of the agents".

nGAGEMENT offers a number of features that connect to day-to-day tasks and engage with the contact center agents on a daily basis.

Quizzes - Test Knowledge Gaps

Set-up flash-quizzes using our simple module. Validate understanding, knowledge and support your coaching process.

Contests - Friendly Team Challenges

Launch contests using weighted KPIs and benefit from the automatic tracking through nGAGEMENT.

Manager Interface - One Place To Track Everything 

Quick view into your team's performance including several features to engage with your agents.

SPARKS - Dynamic Employee Goals

Engage with your agents, motivate them to enhance their performance.


prod tour team performance visual.png

 track contact center performance

Our platform ensures that all of your key metrics and KPI's are accessible through one platform. Manager views allow you to access both team and individual performance, see the trends and anticipate risks. We've combined traditional reporting with artificial intelligence so that you can anticipate potential risks by leveraging your team data.