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our gamification & employee engagement platform delivers IMPROVEMENT OF +2 TO +10% ON EACH KPI


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Call center agents are at the center of the omnichannel customer journey and our gamification platform motivates them to achieve their objectives by using our immersive game-like environment. 

call center kpi's

track kpi's & gain new insights

Track KPI's, quality, team performance, engagement and other metrics on one platform. 

Seamlessly forward your agents performance data from any contact center platform to nGUVU. 


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automate contests and challenges

Setting up a contest while leveraging one or several KPI's becomes a breeze. Team or individual contests, prizes and points, badges earned and more.

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enable agent vs. agent competitions

Agents can now challenge each other in a form of micro contests and competitions - leverage agents natural desire to compete.

call center analytics and call center reporting for managers

track your teams via

manager console

Team and individual performance, workforce optimization, attrition risks, attendance and absenteeism, and more - a dedicated analytics designed specifically for contact centers managers.

call center leaderboards - gamification platform

discover and display your champions

Multiple leader-boards that focus on specific KPI's or category based agent performance. Track performance across 15 categories.

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assign individual dynamic goals

Your agents have different performance potential that varies throughout the week. Engage with agents individually, inspire better performance,  and capitalize on a new insights.

call center performance measurement

monitor quality of work

Automate all of the analytics related to quality of work control - be it at individual or team level. 

badges screen.png

reward your agents

Now agents can earn points, badges, rewards, and track their progress, as well as show their achievements to the team. 

quizzes and learning gamification

call center coaching & quizzes

Automate your agent quizzes and tests, better your coaching programs, improve ongoing performance management and align all of your activities with gamification

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