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nGUVU Gamification report DMG Consulting 2017

New! 2017 Contact Center Gamification Product and Market Report - Abstract

DMG Consulting’s second Contact Center Gamification Product and Market
Report examines this emerging IT sector: the vendors, their offerings, the
functional capabilities of gamification solutions, product prices, best practices and more. The Report analyzes market trends and challenges, product innovation and the competitive landscape, and provides 5-year growth projections.

It provides emerging best practices, so enterprises can derive the greatest return on their gamification investments.

CCW Executive Report - Performance & Agents - April 2017

This research-driven report, sponsored by members of the Contact Center Weekly consortium, provides analysis and insight across various facets of call center agent performance.

Key Topics Include:

  • What are the top objectives for today’s contact centers?
  • Which performance metrics are hot?  Which are not?  Which matter?  Which do not?
  • Does cost still matter in the era of customer centricity?
  • How will organizations improve agent productivity?  How will they measure their success?
  • How will the rise of artificial intelligence impact the customer experience workforce?

Report: The Four Customer Experience Core Competencies (Source: Temkin Group)

Temkin Group has conducted multiple large-scale studies demonstrating that customer experience (CX) is highly correlated with loyalty across many different industries, in both business-to-consumer and business-to-business environments.

If you are only going to read only one thing about customer experience, then this report is it. 

2017 Trends in Global Employee Engagement

The significant increases of employee engagement in 2016 have been partially erased. Populist movements like those seen in the United Kingdom, the United States, and those taking hold in parts of Continental Europe have made discussions about erecting borders and walls more common. If realized, these moves will restrict the flow of labor between countries and change the economic rules of the game.

Find out more in this complimentary research paper from Aon Hewitt

Continuous employee engagement winning in contact centers

Infographic: Continuous Employee Engagement

Get our latest infographic for the full picture on how nGAGEMENT can improve teamwork, productivity, engagement and motivation for your contact center agents.

NEW! BPO Deployment Success Story

One of the largest North American providers of contact center outsourcing services, and the largest independent call center company in Canada, our profiled client employs over 3000 service and sales professionals across 8 locations.

Learn how nGUVU's Customer Success team increased their agent performance in just 5 weeks!

Customer Success Story - Lasik MD

LASIK MD is the leading provider of laser vision correction in Canada. Over half of all laser vision correction procedures in the country are performed at a LASIK MD laser eye centre. 
nGUVU spoke with Steve Lapierre, Director of the Lasik MD Patient Care Center, about his experience with nGAGEMENT, nGUVU’s solution for Workforce Engagement Management.


Whitepaper: Customer Experience & Mobile Commerce in Online Tourism

With the emergence of new technologies and innovative
services, cost differentials for certain services have been widening.  In this context, digital channels are so often used by consumers that brands have
to include them in their customer strategy. Read this informative business whitepaper for Customer Experience experts iAdvize.

Evolving from Workforce Optimization Tactics to Employee Engagement Strategies

We are currently witnessing a dramatic shift in the balance of power between many organizations and their customers across virtually all industries. Fueled by an increasing adoption of internet use, mobile technologies and social media, today’s empowered customers have access to more information, choices and opportunities. It is redefining what an ‘ideal experience’ means to customers.

Find out more in this Business Whitepaper sponsored by Genesys and 451 Research

Performance Management: The Contact Centers For Customer Service Playbook

This complimentary Forrester research report describes how
application development and delivery (AD&D)
pros supporting contact centers can best use
this data, turn it into actionable information, and
drive continuous improvement, resulting in better
customer service.

Credit: Emily Barry

Credit: Emily Barry

Machine Learning - Cheat Sheet -  Data Science Central

This is by no means a comprehensive guide to machine learning, but rather an infographic depicting the basic components - for those that like both Machine Learning and Emojis!

2016 Trends in Global Employee Engagement

Around the world, the critical business metric of employee engagement is
improving  Despite a tight labor market in the United States, economic uncertainty in Europe, and business challenges in other parts of the world, Aon Hewitt’s Global Employee Engagement Index rose from 62% to 65% ...


Employee Engagement Research Publication

When asked what leaders could do more of to improve engagement, respondents endorsed these actions:

• Communicate clear expectations
• Listen to employees’ opinions
• Give recognition

Find out more in this comprehensive study on employee engagement 

Analyst Report: Contact Centers must go Digital

Consumer preference for customer service channels is changing across all ages and demographics. Adoption of digital customer service channels, with an emphasis on self-service channels such as web and mobile, is exploding as consumers expect relevant and seamless omnichannel customer service.

Find out what is means to go digital and align your operations to customer expectations in this complimentary Forrester report.

Genesys Interactive Intelligence acquisition

Genesys FAQ - Interactive Intelligence acquisition

Genesys, a market leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact center solutions, and Interactive Intelligence, a global leader of cloud and on-premise solutions for customer engagement, communications and collaboration, announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Genesys will acquire Interactive Intelligence.

Read more about this acquisition in the Genesys FAQ

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Journey Mapping

Map your target customer's journey across your organization, share the journey with your colleagues, and prepare a process improvement program to boost your CX initiatives, a key objective when building a customer-focused organization.

PPT Presentation with link to On-Demand Webinar: Revolutionize your Contact Center

PDF version of the slides that accompany the webinar - Available On-Demand

contact Center Workforce Optimization ebook

Contact Center Workforce Optimization: Secrets to Unlock Agent Productivity & Performance

Download this research paper from Aberdeen to discover insight and best practices derived from interviews with best-in-class contact centers across the Globe. Some of the results include:

  • Improving the customer experience now ranks #1 with WFO contact Center programs.
  • 68% of a typical agent's time is spent on customer interactions. How can that time be increased, and optimized?
  • Some of the current and projected analytical tools leveraged by leading contact centers.

Top 10 Strategies for Modernizing Workforce Optimization - eBOOK

All over the world, contact center managers and operations teams face a number of challenges that
can negatively impact workforce efficiency and effectiveness, which in turn impacts the customer
experience and contact center revenue generation, or puts the organization at risk.

There are various approaches to overcoming or at least mitigating the impact of these challenges while
still delivering on service level agreements within the operating budget. Find out what strategies are being used by best-in-class contact centers around the Globe.

Gabe Zichermann - Leading Gamification Influencer & Evangelist

Gabe Zichermann - Leading Gamification Influencer & Evangelist

Podcast: Gamification Revolution

Join the on-demand Podcast for a discussion revolving around Gamification in today's contact center.


  • What was the central problem nGUVU aimed to resolve in the contact center working environment?
  • How did nGUVU present KPIs to contact center agents in contrast to traditional layouts that centers solely around competition?
  • How did call center companies reacted about having a layer of social mechanics for the agents on the nGUVU’s platform?
  • what were nGUVU’s key lessons in finding the balance between game-like elements and gamified, progress-orientated mechanics?
  • What were some of the behavioral changes that occurred among contact center agents as a result of gamifying their workplace?
  • Have nGUVU used rewards for knowledge sharing or knowledge base contribution among contact center agents?

Contact Center Modernization: A Cloud-Based Approach Delivers Clear Value for Mid-Size Organizations

Today’s savvy business leaders know that the best way to ensure success is to put the customer experience first. Incorporating new channels such as mobile and social into the traditional contact center–and applying analytics to the resulting bonanza of information–can go a long way toward improving that experience. So can supporting a dispersed workforce, including agents who work from home or remote locations; and being able to scale staffing as needed to support increases in customer interaction during seasonal busy times or business growth.

Workforce Optimization and Customer Engagement Best Practices eBook

This complimentary publication takes a look at the evolution of contact centers, and includes insight on both technology and best practices for effectively staffing your contact center in order to ensure both customer success and profitability.

It also provides guidance on leveraging Workforce Optimization (WFO) technologies including call recording, speech and data analtyics, business intelligence (BI), quality assurance, WFM and customer surveying tools.

Authored by customer care experts Dick Bucci and Patrick Botz

How to Increase Agent Retention in your Contact Center

In order to reduce costs and increase customer loyalty, retaining talented, hardworking agents is the key to contact center success.

Find out how to ensure that contact center agents, the most important asset for your business, remain engaged, motivated, and continuously strive to achieve their personal best.

An nGUVU Whitepaper

The Business Impact of Contact Center Attrition

The impact of attrition on contact center performance is a growing area of focus for business leaders looking to utilize their contact center operations to drive new business growth.

In the current report, we take the discussion on attrition forward by establishing how attrition not only drives up very specific operational costs, but also results in lost revenue opportunities. This report develops a framework for studying the business impact of attrition across both cost and revenue components.

Gamification can drastically improve your employees' performance and loyalty.

Last week we were sitting together with our AppFoundry Partner nGuvu talking about Gamification in Customer experience center and the advantages of a cloud based solution, which can be easily integrated into your existing Genesys environment, even though it’s installed on premise.

Customer Success Story

In our latest customer success story fact sheet, we describe the implementation of our nGAGEMENT solution at Canada’s largest independent contact center and leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organization.   Learn about how nGUVU leverages Gamification and Machine Learning to increase employee engagement. Get the latest research data on performance management and compliance adherence.

protect social connection concept

How to choose the right contact center technology

With Open-Source based Solutions, a big challenge is that reliance on “the wisdom of the crowd” typically means that no one takes the responsibility of fixing various technical issues. The right technology can alleviate those concerns. This whitepaper will highlight the things you need to know as you evaluate the need for next generation Contact Center Technology and things to consider as you seek solutions that fit your organization’s unique requirements.