nGUVU uses game mechanics, social media and interactive features, machine learning, and behavioral analytics to drive performance at the agent level. Our software motivates agents to achieve their objectives by immersing them in a fun game-like environment. 


Influence: Intrinsic Motivators

nGAGEMENT leverages people's natural desires to build intrinsic motivation and engagement by using social media concepts, game mechanics and recognition principles to create the AGENT JOURNEY.

Predict: Machine Learning

nGAGEMENT combines -science and data- to model historical performance and behavior data points for call center optimization, such as attrition risks, absenteeism risks and optimal performance periods.

nGAGEMENT influences the agents behaviors by leveraging their natural desires for competition, collaboration, achievement, status and recognition.  nGAGEMENT is an immersive experience that motivates agents to achieve objectives and to accomplish tasks that are at the core of their responsibilities.