nGUVU is a Genesys partner providing integrated agent engagement for the Genesys Contact Center platform. Learn more today about how you can combine the best-in-class customer experience platform with the most innovative employee engagement solution.

Before nGUVU came along, tracking and improving contact center agent performance was a chore: tedious, manual and error-prone. Enter nGAGEMENT from nGUVU: a new way to promote employee engagement in your contact center. Each agent accesses their own objectives, KPIs, metrics, and performance scorecards. Agents take control of their results, and the positive influence will delight, and surprise you.

Take a Guided Tour of our nGAGEMENT app for Contact Centers, nGAGEMENT offers real-time feedback, performance management, and an immersive environment for agent engagement.

Take a 4-minute automated tour of our gamified contact center solution. It offers a predictive analysis engine and social collaboration activities.

Make your Contact Center Great Again!

Is your Contact Center a fun place to work? Are your agents enjoying their day? Did you know that an engaged workforce increases profits by an average of 22%? 

Take a fun look at how these challenges can affect your contact center, and how you can take back control!

Why Contact Centers need to reinvent themselves: Employee Engagement - The most top-of-mind concern according to recent Contact Center research. 

Learn about nGUVU's approach to solving lackluster motivation and engagement with Contact Center staff.

Managing a contact center and staff performance objectives can be a daunting task. Gamification can help ease the burden by providing real-time feedback on KPIs, Reports, potential optimization, as well as offer an immersive and engaging environment for contact center agents - boosting their confidence and collaboration at work.

Find out more about nGUVU's approach to seamless performance management.

Employee Engagement is one of the biggest challenges facing today's Contact Centers. nGUVU recognizes the importance of increasing employee morale, motivation, collaboration and team spirit to optimize performance. We explain our approach, based on industry experience and gamification expertise.